ATEN Technology Targets SOHO and SMB Markets With New Audio-Enabled DVI
Video Switches

New 2- and 4-Port Video Switches Ideal for Presentations and Home
Entertainment Systems

IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 24 — ATEN Technology, Inc., an innovator of
high-quality KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) and remote connectivity solutions
to manage servers and other network devices, today announced two
DVI-compliant video switches designed specifically for the SOHO and SMB
environment. The new VS-261/461 DVI Video Switch solutions, available in
two- and four-port devices, combine DVI video functionality with audio
support for PC and Mac systems. These new units enable users to switch
among two and four DVI or analog media sources (PC, Mac, DVD player, etc.),
respectively, for output on a single display (LCD monitor, plasma or
projector) and set of speakers. Both models boast high resolution levels of
1600×1200 and include front panel switches and an infrared remote control
for video source selection.

According to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), DVI is an
uncompressed, digital video interface that was originally developed for the
PC industry as a low-cost, high-bandwidth digital connection between PCs
and digital monitors (such as LCDs). DVI is now the most widely used
digital display interface in the PC industry and is available on most LCD
monitors, as well as many PC display projectors and plasma panels.

“DVI is the mainstream digital video specification for the personal
computer market and our new DVI-compliant video switches are the perfect
solution for managing video content from a broad range of media sources,”
said Sampson Yang, CEO, ATEN Technology, Inc. “With audio and remote
control support, the VS-261/461 units are ideal for business presentations
and home entertainment systems.”

Other Highlights of the VS-261/461

* Full compliance with DVI specifications
* Plug-n-Play Installation
* Stackable design
* LED display for easy status monitoring

Pricing & Availability

Available today, the new VS-261 and VS-461 are priced affordably at $199.95
and 299.95, respectively.

About ATEN Technology, Inc.

ATEN Technology, Inc. is an innovator of high-quality KVM
(keyboard/video/mouse) and remote connectivity solutions to manage servers
and other network devices. With more than 20 years of profitable growth and
technical expertise, ATEN has developed a broad range of solutions to meet
the needs of key market niches, from small- and medium-sized businesses
(SMBs) to enterprise organizations through its ALTUSEN line of KVM
products. Certified as ISO-9001 compliant, ATEN focuses on high-end KVM
switches that allow multiple computers to be accessed from a single
console. In addition, the company offers a broad range of data
communication products that can expand peripheral sharing ability, extend
the distance between computers and peripherals, or convert one type of data
signal into another. Leveraging its leading-edge ASIC technology and VSE
patents, ATEN’s KVM and remote connectivity solutions offer the most
comprehensive features and functionality. ATEN has facilities in the United
States, Taiwan, Belgium, Canada, Japan and China. The company’s U.S. sales,
marketing and warehouse operations are based in Irvine, California. For
more information, contact ATEN at (888) 999-ATEN or 949-428-1111, or via
the Web at