Press Release (October 17,2005)

Powder Software Inc. Announces Release of Summit Groupware 2005

Summit Groupware 2005

Powder Software announces that Summit Groupwware, collaboration software
for the Mac office, including Email, Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Bulletin
Boards, is available as a fully working trial download.

Book meetings, reserve resources like meeting rooms, have workgroup
discussion forums, keep personal calendars, notes and journals, send and
receive email, and share contacts, all within one application. Summit
Groupware offers stability, full functionality, and ease of administration
and use in any size Mac office environment. Software includes server/client.

Summit Groupware is available for online demo, or free unlimited trial for
up to five users at

General Features

– Server designed for Mac OS X

– Desktop access for any Mac OS X, Windows or Linux computer

– Web browser access

– Handheld computer access (Palm Treo, Smartphone)

– Central storage of email, calendaring and contact data

– Rights sensitive permissions model to balance sharing vs privacy.

– Easy end user roll-outs via Java Web Start

– Robust database storage features including

– Hot Back-ups (automatic)

– Scalability

– Security

About Powder Software Inc.:

Established in 1998, Powder Software Inc. is a custom software development
company. Powder Software is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.