MyStrands, the instant music recommender: Discover new music & Build your
own music charts

MyStrands is an smart auto DJ that recommends music instantly while you
listen to music in iTunes, it allows you to explore music through the
recommended songs and through the tags people associate to the song you are

It also allows you to build your music charts, that update daily, with your
top songs and artists.

MyStrands independent recommendations include all kinds of music, both
popular and independent, from a catalogue of 5 million songs which grows

MusicStrands helps people discover and enjoy music. MusicStrands’ approach
relies both on people and technology to facilitate music discovery.
People’s participation allows music lovers to dig into the music universe
and to create entry points into the long tail. MusicStrands provides music
recommendations, and helps people explore the music universe through tags
people associate to songs, and through the listening behavior of other
members of MusicStrands’ community. Sharing tastes is an important element
to music discovery. Music discovery is not a top-down process anymore.