24U Plug-In AutoInstaller 2.1

Wednesday, October 5, 2005 — 24U Software released update of 24U Plug-In
AutoInstaller to version 2.1, finally bringing support for auto-updating
old-style plug-ins in FileMaker 7 and 8 on Mac OS X.

What is new in the version 2.1?

– Support for updating old-style plug-ins on Mac OS X
– Updated for FileMaker Pro 8 and FileMaker Server 8
– Updated for latest 24U Software plug-ins
– Minor fixes and improvements

What is 24U Plug-In AutoInstaller?

24U Plug-In AutoInstaller simplifies automated installation, registration,
and updates of FileMaker plug-ins from FileMaker Server by providing all
necessary scripts ready to use.

Primary features of 24U Plug-In AutoInstaller:

– Simplifies automated update/installation of plug-ins in networked solutions
– Requires absolutely no script editing to install all your plug-ins
– Automatically registers (unlocks) all your plug-ins with serial numbers
– Lets you to specify both minimum and maximum required version
– Simple configuration for all plug-ins, all features, and all platforms
– Pre-configured for auto-installing 24U Software plug-ins
– Compatible with FileMaker Server 7 and 8

More info: (http://www.24uSoftware.com/AutoInstaller)
Download: (http://www.24uSoftware.com/AutoInstaller#download)

24U Plug-In AutoInstaller is freeware!

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software that makes working and developing with FileMaker and AppleScript
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