Radical Breeze announces new REALbasic developer components, including
Jabber chat, RSS reading, more.

EVERETT, Washington, USA (September 30, 2005) — Radical Breeze announced a
new venture to provide components to REALbasic developers. Six new
components are immediately available providing Jabber chat, RSS reading,
autocomplete functionality and more.

“All of our components are written in 100% pure REALbasic,” stated Bryan
Lund, President of Radical Breeze. “No declares. No plug-ins. Just solid,
cross-platform REALBasic code. And with our inexpensive subscription model,
all users will get to use all of the components we develop over the next

New Components:
– RadJabber is a socket subclass which implements the core functionality
required for Jabber chat. Authentication, New user registration, Buddy
Roster management and sending/receiving messages.

– RadGraphics is a set of functions for applying a variety of effects to
pictures in REALbasic. Includes RGB levels, Diffuse, Emboss, Grayscale,
Invert, Pixelate, Sharpen and Soften.

– RadAutoComplete is subclass of the REALbasic EditField which provides
popup-list style autocomplete (such as you would find in applications like
REALbasic itself).

– RadRSS is an RSS specific socket which does all the heavy lifting of
dealing with an RSS feed for you. Simply supply a URL to a known RSS feed
and RadRSS will supply you with easy to manage information on the feed and
all available RSS Entries.

– RadColorBar is a customizable progress-bar style control. It can take on
multiple appearance types, be any size and have caption text of a
customizable style.

– RadPicView is a zoomable, scrollable, draggable, double-buffered control
for viewing images.


The Radical Breeze components require REALbasic 2005 R3 (or newer).

Pricing and Availability:
A subscription to the Radical Breeze Developer Pack, for $30 USD, entitles
you to one year of free (starting the day of purchase) upgrades to all of
the components currently available, as well as free usage of all new
components we release during that time.