Forty Fish, Multiple Aquariums,
Plus Unique Features Like Fish Feeding, And A Virtual “Fish Cam”.

Aliso Viejo, CA – September 28 2005 – Allume Systems, Inc., a division of
Smith Micro Software Inc. (NASDAQ: SMSI), today released Aquazone Seven
Seas Deluxe, the latest catch in the AQUAZONE family and the first version
available for both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. Seven Seas
Deluxe includes 40 different kinds of fish from goldfish, clown fish,
jellyfish, sea turtles, a giant sunfish, a shark and more! Already on of
the best selling interactive aquariums on the PC, Seven Seas Deluxe allows
Mac users to enjoy own their own virtual aquarium.

Aquazone was the first virtual aquarium to bring an interactive element to
user’s computer. In addition to Aquazone’s realistic fish, tanks, and
lighting effects, users can “feed” their virtual fish or “tap” on the tank
to see their fish react. Aquazone is also unique in its ability to display
virtually unlimited numbers of fish, even whole schools of some species.

“Aquazone is exciting because of the amazing realism,” said David Polzine,
Product Manager at Allume Systems, Inc. “It is the only virtual aquarium
which allows interaction with your fish to “feed” them, “tap” on the tank
or even follow a favorite fish via a virtual ‘fish cam’ and now with Seven
Seas Deluxe users have the best selection of fish available. But the best
part of Aquazone is you get the pleasure of owning fish even a shark,
without having to clean-up after them”

Aquazone Features Include:
* 40 different kinds of salt and fresh water fish, including Jellyfish, Sea
Turtles, Clown Fish

* 20 different aquarium environments, (salt water and fresh water scenes )

* Ability to have whole schools of fish with virtually unlimited numbers on
the screen

* Ability to interact with the fish by feeding or “tapping” on the tank

* Different lighting and sound effects

* A “follow” feature that allows users to zoom-in and follow one particular
fish while it swims

* Ability to buy additional types of fish and tank environments at:

Unique to AQUAZONE, users’ screens can teem with virtual schools of fish at
the same time, with some species even exhibiting authentic schooling
behaviors. Users can choose as many fish that will fit on their screen (and
their video card and processor can handle.).

Pricing, Availability and Requirements

The MSRP for Aquazone Seven Seas Deluxe is $24.99 and is available directly
from Allume and major retailers including, and mail order catalogs. Visit for more information
about the Windows version. or visit for more information
about the Mac version.

To learn more about Aquazone and our complete product lines visit: or

Windows System requirements: Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP; Intel Celeron or
better (recommended); at least 64mb of RAM; at least 8mb of video RAM;
Videocard which with hardware 3D acceleration and DirectX 8.1 or newer
support; DirectX 8.1 compatible Soundcard.

Mac OS System requirements: Mac OS X 10.3.6 or higher; G4 or G5 Processor
1.25 GHz or faster recommended); at least 256mb RAM and 100mb available
hard disk space.

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