ThinkFree Releases Macintosh Edition of Microsoft-Compatible Office Suite

ThinkFree Office 3 for Mac Offers Cross-Platform Compatibility with
Microsoft Office on Mac, Windows, and Linux Platforms in One Program

PARIS, FRANCE [APPLE EXPO] — September 19, 2005 – ThinkFree, a leading
developer of platform-independent software solutions, today announced the
release of the Macintosh Edition of ThinkFree Office 3. The cross-platform,
high-performance office suite offers the best compatibility with Microsoft
Office of any productivity application for Macintosh, Windows, and Linux
users. The easy-to-use, affordable software suite features a Microsoft-like
user interface, critical feature support, and seamless interoperation with
existing Microsoft Office files — all for a price that is a fraction of a
stand-alone copy of Microsoft Office. ThinkFree’s unique Java architecture
allows for rapid deployment on and interoperability between Macintosh,
Windows, or Linux operating systems, as well as flexibility that makes it
an ideal home, education or small-business “Office” complement or

ThinkFree Office 3 Key Features

Major features in ThinkFree Office 3 include:

– Multi-platform support (Macintosh, Windows, Linux)
– Word processor, spreadsheet, presentation graphics software
– Best document viewing compatibility with Microsoft Office
– Best round trip compatibility with Microsoft Office
– Best cross-platform compatibility (Windows compatible fonts bundled for
Linux & Macintosh platforms)
– Full featured drawing module for all three applications (ThinkFree Office
3 Write, Calc, and Show)
– Powerful chart module and real time spell checker
– HTML & PDF export
– XML (WordML and SpreadsheetML) support
– Built-in multi-lingual support includes English (US/AU/GB) / French /
German / Italian / (Brazilian Portuguese / Spanish / Chinese (Simplified
/Traditional) / Korean/ Japanese / Icelandic / Turkish
– Complimentary ThinkFree Office Online services at

Pricing and Availability

ThinkFree Office 3 for Macintosh, is now available for purchase and
download at ( for the suggested retail price of
EURO $39.99 / USD $49.95. For complete product and purchase details
including upgrade pricing, Windows and Linux edition, please visit

System requirements:
ThinkFree Office 3 will work with most computers: Windows: Microsoft
Windows 98, Windows 2000 (SP3 or later) / XP (SP1 or later); Linux: Fedora
Core 3 or later, SuSE 8.2 or later, TurboLinux 8.0 or later, Linspire 5.0
or later, Asianux Desktop, RedFlag Linux Desktop, Haansoft Linux
Workstation 2005; Hardware: (PC) CPU: Minimum Pentium III /Recommended
Pentium IV; Memory: Minimum 256 MB / Recommended 512 MB, HDD: minimum 100
MB Free space, CD-ROM: 8x; Mac: Mac OS X 10.4 or later (Java 1.4.2 Update
2), Mac OS X 10.4, PowerPC G4/G5.

About ThinkFree

ThinkFree, Inc., headquartered in San Jose, California, is a leading
developer of platform independent office solutions. Since 2003, the company
became a division of Haansoft Inc., a publicly held company on the Korean
KOSDAQ stock market [030520]. ThinkFree’s mission is to offer
market-leading software solutions that leverage the power of the Internet
and provide users with a consistent, unified, and productive experience
regardless of computing platform.

ThinkFree Office 3 is a Microsoft Office compatible office suite of word
processing, spreadsheet, and presentation graphics applications that are
usable either as an offline downloadable version or online as a free
Internet service. It features cross-platform support and is compatible with
Linux, Windows, and Macintosh platforms. For more information, please go to