Fill in PDF forms automatically from a database.

UNIVERSE Software presents pdf-FieldMerge 4.0

To create filled in PDF forms which are still editable, that is the aim of
pdf-FieldMerge by UNIVERSE Software. Very easily you now can connect
external sources like databases or Excel files to pdf-FieldMerge and fill
in data to a PDF form.

Completion of a PDF form fields with individual data usually requires lots
of manual work. Especially to do so in series, for example in case of
surveys or customer communication, companies have to handle all data

pdf-FieldMerge now provides companies and authorities with new features to
do so automatically for data and graphics. Just set database directory in
pdf-FieldMerge an PDF template path and the solution will merge all
database fields to the corresponding form fields in PDF. That’s all.

For additional simplification there is a new export feature for form field
names available so that form fields can directly be connected to field
names in databases.

More additional features are:

– Connect to Excel, Access, FDF, CSV and other source files

– Fill in PDF form fields single or in series

– Set PDF form fields unprotected, writing protected or flattened

– Process gif, png, jpeg, bmp and tif graphics

pdf-FieldMerge runs on local computers, server sites, can be used for
web-providers or directly integrated into other applications.

For a free trial version, please have a look at
( Price per license: 69 Euro including support
and update services. pdf-FieldMerge is running on Win9x or later, Linux and
Mac OS X.