Apple is offering the iMac G5 Repair Extension Program for Video and Power Issues. The program applies to first generation iMac G5 computers that have video or power-related issues as a result of a specific component failure, says Apple. The company says affected systems will exhibit one of the following video- or power-related symptoms: scrambled or distorted video, no video, or no power. The program is available for certain iMac G5 models that were sold between approximately September 2004 and June 2005 featuring 17- and 20-inch displays with 1.6GHz and 1.8GHz G5 processors. The serial number ranges are:

  • W8435xxxxxx – W8522xxxxxx

  • QP435xxxxxx – QP522xxxxxx

  • CK435xxxxxx – CK522xxxxxx

  • YD435xxxxxx – YD522xxxxxx