MacCVSClient 1.10 is a free CVS client running on Mac OS 7.1 and later.
There are separate Mac OS X (Mach-O), Classic PPC and Classic 68K
executables of the software.

MacCVSClient has features such as easy viewing of diffs, logs and
annotations. There is a mechanism to ensure you resolve conflicts before
committing changes. A convenient scrapbook window allows you to reuse text
bits while composing commit log messages.

Mac OS resource files can be stored in RBL, a line based text format. This
way they can be auto-merged by CVS and diff’ed like normal text files. The
AppleSingle storage format is supported as well.

In this release:

– Compatible to CVS server version 1.12.
– File modification dates in sandboxes are now stored
in UTC instead of local time so that daylight savings
time switching or time zone changing will not make
files appear locally modified.
– Help menu to Google-search the MacCVSClient
online documentation.
– Startup splash-screen crash-bug in 10.4.x (Tiger) fixed.
– A whole lot of other bug fixes and tweaks.

MacCVSClient 1.10 and a more detailed change log can be found at: