PB FixIt Announces iBook G4 Part Line

SAN LUIS OBISPO, California– August 2, 2005 — PB FixIt today announced a
complete line of over 80 parts and accessories for Apple’s iBook G4 series.
The Company is also proud to announce the immediate availability of FixIt
Guides for the G4 iBook 12″ and 14″ models, free online at

iBook G4 Parts and Upgrades

The new iBook G4 product line encompasses every internal component in both
the G4 iBook 12″ and 14″ models, over 80 parts in all. From electronics
like logic boards, modems, and LCDs to case components and plastics, PB
FixIt carries it.

“With our parts, you can fix literally any problem with an iBook G4. In
fact, you can make your iBook better than new with our RAM, hard drive, and
SuperDrive upgrades,” said Kyle Wiens, PB FixIt’s CEO. “Let me say that
again. There is no part for the iBook G4 that we do not sell. Seriously. In
fact, we sell parts for every laptop Apple has made since 1998.”

“We strongly believe that Mac owners are capable of repairing their
computers themselves. PB Fixit makes it easy– we provide Mac zealots with
the data, tools, and parts they need to keep their machines in tip-top
shape.” PB FixIt’s vast selection of over 700 laptop parts can be found at

FixIt Guides are now available for these computers:

* iBook G4 (800 MHz – 1.42 GHz)
* iBook G3 (300 – 900 MHz)
* PowerBook G4 Aluminum (867 MHz – 1.67 GHz)
* PowerBook G4 Titanium (400 MHz – 1 GHz)
* PowerBook G3 (233 – 500 MHz)
* Mac Mini

Availability and pricing:

Over 80 parts for the iBook G4 models are available immediately, in
addition to PB FixIt’s existing wide selection of parts and upgrades for
Apple laptops: http://pbfixit.com

All fifteen FixIt Guides are available immediately for free online at

About PB FixIt:

PB FixIt launched in 2003 and instantly became the leader in the Mac laptop
part industry. PB FixIt is dedicated to bringing high quality, hard-to-find
laptop parts to Macintosh zealots everywhere. For more information, visit:
http://pbfixit.com or call 1-866-61-FIXIT