Sennheiser Offers Headset Optimized for Macintosh

Mac-Ready Multimedia Design Keys Quality, Ergonomics

Old Lyme, Connecticut — Sennheiser Electronic Corp., U.S. arm of the
German company known worldwide for its standards-setting headphones and
microphones, has introduced a computer/multimedia headset specifically
optimized for users of Apple’s Macintosh family of desktop and portable
systems. The Sennheiser M145 is a highly adapted headset combining
high-fidelity stereo headphones with a hands-free, noise-canceling
“boomlet” microphone in a sleek, compact package that’s plug-andplay ready
for use with any Apple system and any Mac operating system up to and
including the latest OSX 10.4 “Tiger.”

“Even most Windows users will concede that with its Macintosh family Apple
continues to establish benchmarks for design, both with the industrial
design of its desktops and laptops, and in user-interface creation with the
unmatched power and ease of its OSX operating system,” says Sennheiser
Electronics’ vice president of sales, Bill Whearty. “So it’s doubly
appropriate for Sennheiser–the clear leader in headphone and microphone
design and execution–to debut a headset especially engineered to
complement the Mac lines in terms both of performance and ergonomic

M145 features include a supplied, dedicated USB adapter, with built-in
“soundcard” electronics that ensures full, near-studio-quality audio–both
input and output–regardless of the audio sub-system present in the host
desktop or laptop computer. The adapter exploits independent input and
output connectors on standard “mini” stereo plugs, permitting the M145 to
function equally well as simple, high-fidelity headphones when so
desired–and with the unexcelled Sennheiser quality that makes this an even
more valuable option.

The M145’s fully adjustable, “bendable” mic boomlet carries a
high-performance, carefully focused unidirectional Sennheiser element, with
integral noise-canceling electronics, a combination that pays important
dividends for activities ranging from “VOIP” telephonics to serious music

Just as important, Sennheiser did not fail to include key ergonomic factors
in the M145 design. Its well-concealed flexible neckband offers secure,
comfortable long-term wear, while its single-sided cable helps keep wiring
out of the way. A wind-up cable spool and integrated clothing clip further
reduce annoying tangles. There’s even an inline volume control and mic-mute
button for easy loudness and privacy control.

The Sennheiser M145 Mac-compatible headset will be available July, 2005, at
Sennheiser’s suggested retail price of $120.00.

About Sennheiser Communications

Sennheiser Communications, established on January 1, 2003, is a joint
venture between the Danish company William Demant Holding A/S and the
German company Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG. Based in Copenhagen,
the joint venture develops telecommunications products for call centers,
office applications and private users, and markets them worldwide.
Sennheiser Communications excels in state-of-the-art technologies and
outstanding customer service. The joint venture draws on the experience of
two companies that are both global market leaders in their respective

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