einstein’s legacy introduces FrameVault.

Charlotte, NC — 28.July.2005 — einstein’s legacy has released FrameVault,
the first prosumer solution for organizing, managing, delivering, and
distributing digital video assets on Mac OS X. FrameVault has an intuitive,
single-window interface which allows users to organize their
QuickTime-compatible movie clips into playlists and libraries, customize
their movie playback experience (including multiple-monitor fullscreen),
create and deliver chapter-based movies, transfer video to external devices
– such as DVD recorders and video camcorders, and manage archives of clips
for on-line/off-line storage.

Key Feature Details:

– Organize Your Video Assets

FrameVault features an intuitive, single-window user interface for
organizing, managing, and playing your Libraries and Playlists. Most tasks
can be completed with a single mouse click, a keyboard shortcut or by
simple drag’n’drop. FrameVault also provides live Playlist filtering and
interactive Clip playback enabling.

– Customize Your Viewing Experience

FrameVault separates a clip’s media from the playback details allowing
users to non-destructively extend QuickTime’s basic functionality and
control numerous playback attributes such as sequence, speed and the
onscreen appearance.

– Go Beyond Fullscreen Mode

FrameVault introduces SFD Technology to give users new options for
multiple- monitors fullscreen playback. Fullscreen mode can use all
monitors as if they were one entity; on any selected monitor in a multiple
monitor configuration; or in a user-selected rectangle available in the
current monitor-visible space.

– Deliver Your Clips

FrameVault includes Portfolius Technology, which gives users the power to
combine a Playlist’s clips into a single cross-platform movie. This
chapter- based movie is an excellent vehicle for creating educational or
training materials; delivering presentations; or podcasting (or for
organizing the gazillion video clips that you have imported from your new
video camcorder using QuickTime 7).

– Connect to External Devices

FrameVault helps users transfer Playlists to a variety of external devices,
such as camcorders, DVD recorders and 3rd party broadcast and digital
processing equipment. Simply, plug-in the device, select the appropriate
Output Settings, and press play!

– Archive Your Clips

FrameVault allows users to export their Libraries and Playlists into a
single cross-platform package that can be used to transport Clips between
systems that are not connected by a network. Archives may also be burned to
CD or DVD facilitating storage of Libraries and Playlists off-line.

– Compliments and Extends QuickTime

FrameVault is an excellent compliment for QuickTime 7, which allows users
to record new movies with a single click. FrameVault users can quickly
organize their new Clips and present them in a unified manner. FrameVault
can play any movie format supported by QuickTime, including MPEG, Flash and
many others.

Product Availability:

FrameVault may be purchased from the online store at at a cost of $75.00 (U.S. Dollars). Users may also
download the FrameVault demo, which provides full-functionality for 10 days
without registration.

System Requirements:

FrameVault requires Mac OS X v10.3 and QuickTime v6.5 or later.

About einstein’s legacy:

einstein’s legacy was founded in 1993. Our mission is to engineer
innovative new solutions for the mediagenic generation of creative
professionals who use Macintosh computers.

A fully-functional, but time-limited demo version of FrameVault may be
downloaded from our web site. For more information, please visit