MaxPod 1.1 maximize the use of your iPod

MONTGOMERY, Alabama (July 27, 2005) – LAJ Design is pleased to announced the
immediate availability of version 1.1.0 of MaxPod. This version sports a new
program design, adds podcast support (both to download podcasts and to
create podcast RSS files). You can also create audio files from more places
now in the program (such as maps, weather).

MaxPod is a cross-platform application that helps you to maximize what your
iPod can do.

“The iPod gives a great platform for music listening, but it can do so many
other functions”, says Luke Jackson, head programmer at LAJ Design. “With
MaxPod, we are trying to automate as much of that functionality as possible.
Right now it can sync files between your hard drive and iPod. It can
download the news and weather into audio files that you can listen to on
your iPod. It can organize your notes, your music, and get directions. I use
it every day. I just set the auto mode to 5:50 AM and by the time I am ready
to go, it has backed up and synced my files, downloaded the news and
weather, which I listen to on the way to work.”

New in Version 1.1.0


* New Program design
* Download podcasts from within the program
* Create Podcast RSS file
* Create audio files from more places in the program

For the full list, please see the new section on our website.


MaxPod is designed to maximize the use of your iPod. The iPod can serve
great as an external hard drive. It can also display notes, which comes in
very handy. MaxPod takes the core functions and adds a few more.

1. Download the news to audio files and listen on your iPod
2. Download the weather to an audio file and listen on your iPod
3. Backup your music files
4. Backup and sync your documents and folders using your iPod
5. Download directions as notes and save to audio files
6. Add/modify/backup notes, maps, and lyrics on your ipod
7. Download PodCasts
8. Create Podcast rss files.

It also has an auto mode, which automates some of the tasks. So you can set
it to sync your files, get the news and weather, and be ready to go when you
leave in the morning.

To Download

A trial version of MaxPod is available for download from LAJ Design’s web

Mac OS X

MaxPod is shareware software, and costs US$ 16.50 to purchase. A
fully-functional demo version is available.

MaxPod runs on Windows (2000, and XP) and Macintosh OS X. Speech needs to be
installed on Microsoft Windows PCs other than XP (built into XP).

Purchases may be made from the LAJ Design web site: