Built-In Ethernet Switch Adds Flexibility to Already Flexible Device

Berkeley, California, July 26, 2005 – Powerline Networking Technology

Powerline networking allows you to route your network through the lines
that are already built into your home or office. With speeds up to 14 Mbps,
this is a great way to get your ethernet network to other floors or rooms
in your building, without the need to run wires. Powerline Network Adapters
are particularly useful when concrete, metal, or other obstructions in the
walls of your home or office prevent the use of wireless devices. Powerline
devices can work over up to 600 feet of electrical wiring – enough range to
cover most American homes.

3-Port Powerline Network Adapter

The just-released 3-Port Powerline Network Adapter works in exactly the
same way as’s single port adapter, but with the added
flexibility of a built-in 3-port 10/100 ethernet switch. As with the rest
of MacWireless’s powerline networking line, the 3-port adapter includes
built-in surge protection up to 475VAC. Compatibility is not a problem with
this adapter as it works with all HomePlug compliant devices, works with
electrical systems around the world (50-60Hz 120-240v), and does not
conflict with X10 devices that are using the same powerlines.

Pricing and Availability

The 3-Port Powerline Network Adapter is available now from’s online store for $79.98.

Price Drops

Single-port Powerline Network Adapter: $59.98 -) $49.98. WiFinder Keychain
Hotspot Finder: $24.98 -) $19.98.