Quite Software Announces Release of Quite Imposing Plus 2.0

LOCHAWE, Scotland July 25, 2005 Quite Software, developers of innovative
PDF solutions worldwide, announced today the release of Quite Imposing Plus
2.0 compatible with Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Macintosh and Windows.

New Features.
One of the major new features of this release is Automation Sequences that
we call ‘Imposition By Example’. “We had been seeking a way to allow more
automation of impositions, without compromising the flexibility and
accessibility that our Quite Imposing Plus plug-in provides,” says founder
Aandi Inston. “We feel that our idea of ‘imposition by example’ satisfies
this. Every time you make an imposed PDF, all the steps you take are stored
in the PDF file as XML. We can play that back, any time, on any other PDF –
so the first, working, PDF becomes an example for every future one”.

XML Support.
XML is rapidly gaining acceptance as a way of transferring information
between programs, so it was a natural choice for us in describing
imposition tasks. We will encourage OEMs, integrators and workflow vendors
to create XML files that describe impositions, to allow them to integrate
our tools in their custom workflows.

Shuffle Assistant.
There is a new option on the Shuffle Pages function. The shuffle pages
assistant works out the correct rule for the most common imposition
signatures, saddle stitched, perfect bound or cut stacks. The user types in
the page count, rows and columns, then fills in only the page numbers on
the front of the first sheet. The shuffle assistant repeats the signature
throughout the entire job, no matter how many pages are involved.

Other Features.
Bates Stamping, n-up centering, impose annotations/form fields, PDF/X
support, interactive help centre.

More Information.
There is a free demo copy of all of our products available for download
from our website

For more information on all the new features of Quite imposing Plus 2.0
please check out our product sheet at

Click to access qip2feat.pdf

About Quite Software.
Quite Software is a market leader for Innovative PDF Solutions in the
prepress industry. Quite Imposing, Quite Imposing Plus, Quite Revealing and
Quite A Box of Tricks are used by most of the major publishers, printers,
and prepress shops around the world today. Quite Software has offices in
San Diego, California and Lochawe, Scotland. Quite Software’s Adobe Acrobat
plug-ins are available in French, German and Japanese and will soon be
available in Spanish.