Create Podcasts, Videoblogs, and professional presentations with Videocue

LONDON, England — July 20, 2005 — Vara Software today shipped version 2
of Videocue and Videocue Pro, the only complete tele- prompting, recording
and publishing package for Mac OS X.

* Make your Voice Heard with Podcasts

“With Videocue 2, you can use the Videocue tele-prompting system to create
professional podcasts,” says Simon Clarke, President of Technology at Vara.

“It’s so easy — you type the text you want to speak, then press record. As
the text scrolls by, you read it aloud. Make a mistake? No problem! Just
stop and re-record. You won’t ever forget the text because it’s right there
in front of you.”

Document your world with Videoblogs

Videocue 2 enables you to create professional looking videoblogs and, for
most weblogs, Videocue includes the ability to publish the result directly
to your Videoblog.

“It’s never been easier to create a videoblog,” says Paul Carnine,
President of Products. “Want to show the cover art of the CD you are
reviewing? Just drag the image to the line of text where you want the cover
art to appear. When recording, as that line of text scrolls by, the cover
art will fade in. It’s that simple.”

* Videocue 2 priced for the consumer; Videocue Pro 2 packed with new features

Videocue 2, which offers all the features described above, is available
immediately for $39.99

Videocue Pro 2, priced at $89.99, adds many advanced features, including:
chroma key (blue/green screen), support for multiple webcams, built-in
professional titles, full screen prompting, motion editing controls and
mirrored prompting (for professional tele- prompting hardware).

Videocue 2 Pro is a free upgrade from Videocue 1. Existing customers can
continue to use their current license keys with the Videocue Pro 2.

* Chroma Key (Green/Blue Screen) for Videocue Pro 2

Videocue Pro 2 now includes a high quality, real-time green and blue screen

“What this means is that you can record your talent in front of a blue or
green screen and digitally add the background of your choice”, says Mr.
Carnine. “You can use any media you wish as the background – a movie, a
still image, another camera. The possibilities really are endless.”

“In addition, we’ve spent a lot of time on auto-configuration to reduce the
complexity of using a Chroma Keying solution, ” adds Mr. Clarke, “Most of
the time, all you need to do is click the ‘Chroma Key’ checkbox and the
green or blue background just drops out.”

* Tiger features galore : Automator, Spotlight, Core Image, Core Video,
Quartz Composer, QuickTime 7

Videocue and Videocue Pro are packed with Tiger features, the most visible
being the new GPU accelerated Core Image transitions that come with Tiger.
Videocue can now use beautiful transitions like Ripple and Page Curl. The
best part is that you can add Image Units from 3rd party developers to
expand your transition library.

Videocue products are built for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, requires Quartz
Extreme, and is optimized for G4 and G5 processors. For Weblog features,
Videocue integrates with the most commonly used weblogs (Typepad,
LiveJournal, Blogger, MovableType). Some features (Core Image, etc) require
Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and a Core Image ready graphics card.

About Vara Software:

Vara Software Limited, founded in 2003, develops media related software.
Vara Software is located in London, England. More information on Vara
Software is available at