Users gain desktop experience in web applications with AJAX functionality,
including GMail=99 and Google=99 Suggest-like fuzzy searching, and
cross-browser compatibility.

Vancouver, British Columbia, July 18, 2005 eBusiness Applications, Inc., a
provider of market-leading AJAX-based enterprise software components, today
launched EBA: Web ComboBox V3.0 to ASP.NET, J2EE, PHP and Classic ASP web
application developers. V3 builds on core functionality developed to
provide intelligent on-the-fly data retrieval on a web page. Software
developers can use the component in web based forms to allow access to
large databases in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, and
Camino web browsers, and end users will be able to interact with data in a
smooth interface that is like the desktop experience. Web ComboBox will
provide functionality similar to what has been seen in popular desktop
applications, and more recently in Google’s popular GMail and Suggest

“Business users prefer to work with web applications that are as easy to
use as traditional desktop applications. That’s where AJAX (Asynchronous
JavaScript and XML) based software is playing a major role. AJAX allows
faster and more intuitive interfaces with data,” says Andre Charland,
President of EBA. “Our components allow developers to provide this
technology quickly and easily. Web ComboBox V3 evolves the user experience
by allowing people to carry out tasks such as bringing up customer records,
or quickly performing =91fuzzy=92 searches for hidden information, without e=
refreshing the page. By being able to perform data entry and search tasks
more quickly, the time saved by companies will be significant.”

Through a combination of traditional and non-traditional “fuzzy search”
techniques, Web ComboBox V3 provides dramatically improved methods of
selecting from thousands of records in real time. In a web form that asks
the user to choose a product from a database of a million possible choices,
the user is able to type a short portion of a product name or vendor and
instantly see an ordered list of the top 10 most likely choices. This
differs from traditional web based lookup controls that require the user to
select a record based on the beginning of the word only. Web ComboBox V3
goes a step further and allows users to make multiple selections, and even
browse through the data or make iterative searches based on progressively
more detailed information. Upon selection, other form fields can be filled
with the details of that selection in real time.

Web ComboBox V3 introduces the following new features:

* Expanded Searching Capabilities – Six powerful search modes duplicate
some of the most advanced lookup functionality in use today. SmartSearch
provides intelligent prioritized substring searching. Smartlist provides
innovative list-building capabilities, and Compact mode is a great way to
provide non-intrusive lookup capabilities where it matters most.

* Cross-browser and Cross-platform Compatibility – Safe to deploy to
public-facing web applications. V3 is compatible with 99% of Internet users
through Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, and Camino engine
compatibility on both PC and Macintosh platforms. Improved support for
ASP.NET, Classic ASP, PHP, and JSP JRE 1.4+. Support for many popular
databases including Oracle, MySQL, Access, SQL Server, and DB2.

* Leverage the power of AJAX – EBA web controls make use of a concise XML
and JavaScript interface that minimizes network traffic and accelerates
client-side rendering of data.

* Improved Accessibility Meets US government standards for accessibility
(Section 508), and is fully keyboard navigable. In a recent review by
industry periodical ASP Alliance, Web ComboBox V3 was labeled “- a powerful
addition to a professional web developer’s toolbox” and “- the one-stop
solution for any lookup functionality.” EBA software components are now in
use in over 20 countries and by Fortune 500 firms such as Fidelity National
=46inancial, Ceridian, Time Warner, and the Bank of America.

eBusiness Applications received the Innovation Award at the Canadian
eBusiness Leadership Awards in Vancouver, British Columbia in recognition
of its advancement of web based application technologies.

eBusiness Applications is an Internet software development company located
in North Vancouver, BC. The company is committed to developing rich
internet applications that leverage the latest Internet technologies such
as XML, J2EE, .NET and Web Services, and create efficient business
processes. Software development areas include: software components, content
management, ecommerce, registration systems, business process automation
and new Internet technologies. eBusiness Applications also has strong
commitments to social responsibility and helping non-profit organizations.
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EBA: Web ComboBox V3 will be available on July 18, 2005 at and through international resellers. To
request additional information, or evaluate a trial, go to