Centurion Technologies Brings Mac Desktop Security to Consumers with
MacShield Enhanced Edition

Next Generation of Hard Drive Configuration Protection Software is
Specifically Designed to Protect Mac Computers

(ST. LOUIS, MO — May 31, 2005) — Centurion Technologies, Inc., a pioneer
in proven drive and data protection hardware and software, announces the
release of MacShield Enhanced Edition, hard drive protection software for
Macintosh computers. MacShield Enhanced Edition provides
enterprise-strength protection to computers, returning the hard drive to
the pre-defined configuration upon restart and removing all temporary

“Now Mac users can be confident in the ultimate protection of their
desktops,” said Keith Rickman, vice president of Centurion Technologies.
“MacShield Enhanced Edition changes the way people view hard drive security
after just one reboot of the computer.”

MacShield Enhanced Edition is designed to clear Mac computers of unwanted
changes such as downloads or deletions, system settings changes and
installed programs. Upon reboot, all changes disappear, and the computer is
restored to its original configuration. Additionally, although viruses are
not a major concern on the Macintosh platform, users have an extra layer of
certainty that no future malware will penetrate the system hard drive.

The software write-protects the hard drive and records all changes to a
temporary storage area. During use, the computer behaves as if all changes
are permanent, giving the user a full experience. However, when the
computer is rebooted, all changes are eliminated from the computer,
instantly restoring it to the user’s pre-determined configurations.

MacShield Enhanced Edition also protects the user from making accidental
permanent changes to the hard drive. If a program is accidentally deleted,
it will reappear on the computer when it is rebooted. Should users need to
permanently save information to a protected machine, a Persistent Storage
space can be set up at install. In this space, documents, emails and other
information can be saved, remaining unharmed and constant upon reboot.

MacShield Enhanced Edition, which is compatible with Mac OS 10.3 – 10.4,
can be purchased directly from Centurion Technologies, or from any of the
company’s distributors and resellers for $59.99. For more information about
MacShield Enhanced Edition, visit (http://www.centuriontech.com/).

About Centurion Technologies, Inc.
Centurion Technologies, Inc. has been a pioneer in proven hard drive and
data protection hardware and software since 1996, when the company launched
its premier, award-winning product, Centurion Guard . Since then, the
company has enjoyed substantial growth, catching the attention of system
administrators in colleges, universities, libraries, corporations and
schools in nearly every U.S. state and worldwide, for products that provide
cost-saving security and stability for computer environments. Centurion
Technologies is the sole manufacturer of the Centurion Guard hard drive
protection kit, Drive Disabler, CompuGuard Control Center, CompuGuard
CornerStone, DriveShield and MacShield drive protection software for
Windows and Macintosh platforms, and DriveShield PLUS for home computer