Rimage CD/DVD Autoloaders Now Available for Mac OS X

BOSTON, MA. – July, 2005 Rimage Corporation (NASDAQ: RIMG), the world’s
leading provider of recordable CD and DVD publishing systems, announced at
the MacWorld Expo show in Boston that it is offering a customized version
of Discribe, a native Mac application from Charismac Engineering. This
software will be available on the Rimage 360i, Rimage 2000i and DL5200 disc
publishers and enables Mac OS X users to burn and print CDs and DVDs
automatically from any G3 or newer Macintosh.

Today’s announcement marks a breakthrough for Mac users, providing for the
first time, native access to the Rimage robotic-controlled systems that
automatically pick, burn and print CDs and DVDs using unique direct-to-disc
printing technology. Complete Rimage systems start at $2,495 (US MSRP).

Rimage’s CD/DVD publishing systems not only automate the entire disc
creation process, they deliver professionally printed discs right from the
desktop. Discs printed on Rimage’s ink jet technology or Everest II thermal
retransfer systems deliver discs that are photorealistic and easy to create.

“We are delighted to be offering Discribe for the Rimage platform. Video
editors, audio engineers and many other Mac-based content creators have
been very vocal in their demand for this option”, said Kevin Stagg, Vice
President Software Engineering for Rimage. “Charismac has done an
outstanding job of optimizing their software to take advantage of all the
Rimage software features”.

“Charismac is pleased to be part of the Rimage disc publisher product
family. Their reputation for performance and reliability in CD/DVD disc
publishing was a natural match for our popular Discribe application”, said
Randy Osborne EVP Sales & Marketing of Charismac Engineering.

About Rimage

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A, Rimage Corporation
(www.rimage.com) is the world’s leading provider of recordable CD and DVD
publishing systems, which are used by businesses to produce discs with
customized digital content on an on-demand basis. Rimage’s publishing
systems, which span the range from high to low CD/DVD production volumes,
integrate robotics, software and surface label printers into a complete
publishing solution. Rimage is focusing its CD/DVD publishing solutions on
a set of vertical markets with special needs for customized, on-demand
digital information: digital photography, medical imaging, financial
institutions, business offices, and government. Rimage has operations in
North America, Europe and Asia.

About Charismac Engineering

Founded in 1986, Charismac Engineering Incorporated has enjoyed a
reputation within the Macintosh computer industry as the premier developer
of high-performance, intelligent software. Charismac is known around the
globe for building technologically superior products that endure the real
world rigors of complex data movement and reliability, continuing to exceed
expectations in every day use. The Charismac product family includes:
Anubis RAID disk management software utilities; AudioScribe direct to disk
recording utility; Backup Mastery data backup technology; Discribe cd/dvd
mastering and burning software; Discribe Robot robotic duplicator cd/dvd
mastering and burning software; Discribe Alive mass content duplication and
distribution system; FibreShare the worlds most widely adopted Fibre
Channel storage area network enabling software; RAID Toolbox; RAID software
utilities. For more information, please visit