Automatically Fix All Computer Problems with a Reboot

Core Pro Inc, located in south Tulsa is releasing its premier product
called the IRON GATE, The Perfection Solution for Macintosh Computers. By
giving them the ability to simply reboot the computer and instantly fix
every problem that has occurred on the computer, students can learn more
and schools save more.

Iron Gate is a real time saver for me in my classroom. My students need to
be able to us the Macs without limitations. With Iron Gate students are
able to experiment with the computers, play with settings and preferences
and anything else they want to do. With Iron Gate installed everything is
restored after restart.
David Amelunke – Multimedia and graphics Communications.

School spend an average of 18% of there budgets on hardware and more then
half of that on computer hardware. Computers are expensive! Core Pro Inc
has developed a product that allows the teacher, administrator, IT
director, ect to keep the investments perfect year after year. Students
inevitably mess computers up, as do adults, and computers must be replaced
do to use and misuse. With our software, you reboot your computer and all
the problems/changes are fixed and your computer is perfect again. School
save thousands of dollars every year by not having to purchase more
equipment of pay for the equipment to be repaired.

During normal use, the computer act/behaves as normal and the user has no
idea that protection is in use. The student can customize the computer and
use it just like there computer at home. When the student is done, all they
do is reboot the computer and it is returned to the previous state and
ready for the next user.

Iron Gate is an exceptionally well built product with many applications in
both computer protection for schools and business and FOOLPROOFING home

Matt G — Student

With educational pricing starting at $17.95 a license this software is not
budget prohibitive. School can spend very little to keep there computers
perfect. Core Pro Inc will be at the National MacWorld Technology show in
Boston, MA the week of July 11th-14th. For information please contact Jake
Carey at 918-495-1780 or e-mail