Google Go Actions

Over the past two years, Midnight Mage Software has been given support and
encouragement from a wide range of sources. Friends, family, MUGs and our
own product Users have shown loyalty that has at times been surprising and
often most humbling. As a Thank You, we wish to give you a surprise, a
little something extra.

Google Go Actions are a set of Mac OS X Address Book plug-ins that will
allow you to get Google directions and/or a Google map to any entry in your
Address Book instantly. For those of you who are not familiar with the
capabilities of your Address Book, several of the Fields, such as phone,
email and webpage have pop-up menus that appear with Actions. Now, when you
click on the address field label (ex. Home, Office), you have two new
actions at your disposal:

* “Google Map For=8A” will show the map of this location using Google Maps a=
the default browser.

* “Google Directions To=8A” will launch Google Maps with directions to this
location from your home address (assuming you have a Me entry in the
address book with your primary address).

We hope you enjoy these treats. They are something fun to say thanks to our
customers, our friends, and of course, the Loyal Legions.

To download Google Go Actions, goto

Google Go Actions requires Mac OS X 10.3 or 10.4 (commonly referred to as
Panther or Tiger).