Xcode Tools Book Released

Me and Mark Publishing announces the release of the electronic version of
Mark Szymczyk’s new book “Xcode Tools Sensei.” “Xcode Tools Sensei” is a
guide to the developer tools that ship with Mac OS X, covering 25 graphical
and command-line tools. It was written for Xcode 2.1 to help developers
make the transition from PowerPC to Intel processors. The electronic
version costs $20(US), and can be downloaded at

Most Mac OS X books for developers focus on Xcode and Interface Builder.
“Xcode Tools Sensei” goes beyond Xcode and Interface Builder, covering
debugging, performance, Java, and OpenGL Tools. This book teaches you how
to profile your code with Shark, find memory leaks with MallocDebug, and
write shaders with OpenGL Shader Builder.