SAN FRANCISCO, CA, June 7, 2005–During this week’s Worldwide Developers
Conference (WWDC) sponsored by Apple, Small Tree Communications will
announce that its entire product line of high performance Intel 10 Gb,
optical and multi-port gigabit Ethernet cards are compatible with Tiger
10.4 and are available for immediate delivery.

“We continue to see strong demand from the Apple user base for increased
Ethernet capabilities,” stated Corky Seeber, president of Small Tree. “HD
video real time work requires 10 Gb performance capabilities and our line
of Ethernet cards successfully meet the demands.”

This news was met positively by Tom Swinford, general manager, LAN Access
Division at Intel, who commented, “The Intel PRO Network Connections
provide enterprise customers with reliable performance to meet today’s
computing demands. The availability of Small Tree’s OS X drivers for the
Intel PRO/10GbE and PRO/1000 Server Adapters will enable end-users to
easily migrate their NICs to the latest Apple operating system for I/O
intensive applications, such as image processing and video editing.”

In addition, Small Tree is previewing Blaze at the WWDC Show. A new remote
file sharing system designed specifically for Macs, Blaze offers users the
ability to store large data files, such as uncompressed HD Video, on a
fileserver rather than local to each client. Beneficial to all users
sharing data, Blaze will specially be useful in those industries where
significantly large data files need to be transferred between users.
Currently in Alpha development, Blaze is expected to be available in the
3Q. Small Tree is working with five industry partners to target the file
system’s performance and features to better serve the media space and its
high performance InfiniBand customers.

About Small Tree Communication
Small Tree Communications is dedicated to providing unique leading edge
enterprise networking solutions to the Mac. With world-class high
performance computing experience from its team of networking and kernel
developers, Small Tree brings new technology peripheral products to meet
the demanding application requirements of Mac customers. Small Tree
provides leading edge InfiniBand solutions and is the exclusive reseller of
SilverStorm products. It also offers copper and optic-based multi-port
gigabit Ethernet cards and 10Gb Ethernet adapters for the Mac. For more
information, please visit