New Plugins and Tutorials for Revolution/Dreamcard
More free components available from So Smart Software

Paris, June 4th 2005
So Smart Software ( today announces the
availability of three new plugins for the Revolution family of software
development tools ( These new plugins provide additional
features that support smart projects reports, windows management and real
time access to sixteen tutorials stacks. The plugins come with help stacks
in French and English and are available for Mac OS and Windows XP.

“In fewer than 5 months, our tool kit has grown a lot. Now thirteen plugins
are available, supporting a wide range of programming necessities for
beginners and advanced users. At the same time, we decided that “giving
fish” is a good idea but teaching people how to fish is an even better one.
That’s the reason why we have released sixteen tutorials and this is only
the beginning!” said Eric Chatonet of So Smart Software.

Tutorials Picker 1.0 – Real time access to the So Smart Software tutorials

Tutorials Picker interfaces with the So Smart Software website in order to
display all available tutorials directly from the web.
By using it Rev users are sure to always have access to the last updates
and the new releases.
Tutorials Picker provides automatic notification of new releases, shows
which tutorials you have already visited, which tutorials have been updated
since your last visit, etc.
Broadband Internet recommended. English only.

The tutorials already available deal with the following topics:

-How to display and manage Answer Dialogs
-How to display and manage Ask Dialogs
-How to build and manage dynamic menus
-How to manage tabbed buttons
-How to manage user waiting time
-How to drag and drop for files and folders
-How to drag and drop images and different ways to store images
-How to manage HTML lists on-the-fly
-How to manage contextual tooltips on-the-fly
-How to magnify images and only images
-How to change card dimensions
-How to install brushed metal appearance on all platforms
-How to manage “Snap to” scrollbars
-How to fix stack decorations (titlebar appearance)
-How to ask for a password
-How to use table fields

Report Picker 1.0 – Programming archiving plugin
Report Picker creates smart reports on your projects and keeps them in its
Contents specifications (scripts, global variables and properties, objects
properties, custom properties, etc.)
Reports management, powerful search tool, export as text function, etc.
Bilingual help stack included. Identical appearance on all platforms.

Windows Picker 1.0 – On-screen windows management plugin

Windows Picker lets you “dock” any window and call it up on-screen again
with a click.
Storage in 3 categories : stacks, scripts/property palettes and IDE tools.
Specification of colors, possible sound and visual effects.
Bilingual help stack included. Identical appearance on all platforms.

This announcement brings to thirteen the number of free Revolution and
Dreamcard plugins available from So Smart Software. For further details,
screenshots and downloads, please visit

About So Smart Software

Located in Paris, France, So Smart Software is an outstanding French team
of ergonomists, computer artists and programmers grouped around Eric
Chatonet. With over twenty years of experience in Xtalk software and
interactive media development, they create specialized built-to-order
applications in various fields: management, multimedia, Internet, etc, that
combine an incomparable design, exemplary ergonomics, rapid product
development and 100% reliability on Windows, Mac OS or Linux platforms.

More information about So Smart Software can be found by visiting their
website at