For Immediate Release

June 5, 2005
Mendocino, CA

SoftRAID 3.2 Ships; 4 Petabyte volumes and Full Tiger Compatibility

SoftRAID, LLC is pleased to announce the shipping of SoftRAID version 3.2,
with full Mac OS 10.4 compatibility. SoftRAID 3.2 can now create startup
DVDs with Tiger, and can update previous versions of the SoftRAID startup
CD to the latest version.

SOFTRAID 3.2 takes full advantage of the new disk driver architecture built
into Mac OS 10.4. Now that all Mac OS 10.4 based computers and Tiger
Install DVDs include the SoftRAID driver, volume creation and management
with SoftRAID is easier than ever.

New features were added for SoftRAID 3.2 to enhance SoftRAID’s use on
XServes and XServe RAIDs. These include SoftRAID 3.2’s new 4 petabyte
volume capacity (4,096 terabytes) and an enhanced algorithm for rebuilding
Mirror volumes on Servers. The new algorithm is more efficient and also
makes rebuilding Server volumes a higher priority. This results in much
faster rebuilds on heavily loaded servers.

SoftRAID 3.2 also fixes several bugs, including a rare kernel panic
situation, some permissions problems, and adds better support for Case
Sensitive HFS under Tiger.

For more information about SoftRAID 3, contact us at

SoftRAID 3.2 is available for $129.00 and may be purchased through
SoftRAID’s website, All registered users will receive a
free upgrade via email.

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