5-31-2004 – Fremont, CA – .com Solutions Inc. Releases FmPro Worksheet 1.02
for Mac OS X and Windows – Free Utility Sends SQL Commands to FileMaker 7

..com Solutions Inc. has updated FmPro Worksheet 1.02 by adding support for
Mac OS X. FmPro Worksheet now sends SQL commands to FileMaker 7 databases
on Mac OS X and Windows. FileMaker 7 database developers can use libraries
of SQL commands to speed the development of FileMaker 7 solutions.

FileMaker 7 developers can utilize all SQL commands that are supported by
the FileMaker 7 database including CREATE TABLE, DROP TABLE, SELECT,

FmPro Worksheet Features include:

— Quickly Creates FileMaker 7 Tables – FileMaker 7 database tables
containing up to 1024 fields can be created instantly via SQL commands.
Developers can create libraries of table creation SQL scripts in order to
quickly create commonly used database tables, rather than having to
manually create these tables. The creation of these SQL files can also be
done in an automated manner, eliminating the need to manually type each
column name and attribute.

— Loads SQL Commands from Text Files – Database developers using other
database servers such as Oracle have traditionally maintained libraries of
SQL scripts for database creation and maintenance tasks. FileMaker 7
developers can now employ these same time saving techniques in their work
with FileMaker 7.

— Saves Results to Disk Files – SQL SELECT command results are displayed
for viewing in a Results field within FmPro Worksheet. The contents of this
field can easily be saved to disk as a text file for further processing in
spreadsheets or other desktop software.

— Context Sensitive Help for Creating ODBC DSNs – Setting up ODBC DSNs for
FileMaker 7 is significantly different from previous versions of FileMaker.
Clicking the help button within FmPro Worksheet provides step by step
instructions for installing the new FileMaker 7 ODBC driver and creating an
ODBC DSN. The online help for FmPro Worksheet also includes troubleshooting
tips for resolving the following errors which may be encountered:
1) Could not load the driver or translater setup library
2) Duplicate Name Error (12)
3) Database Schema is Locked by Another User Error (303)

— Troubleshoot FileMaker 7 ODBC Connections – FileMaker 7 developers can
troubleshoot ODBC connections to FileMaker 7 databases without purchasing
any additional software on the Mac OS X and Windows platforms.

A free copy of FmPro Worksheet for Mac OS X and Windows may be downloaded

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