TRI-EDRE is pleased to announce the avaibility of TRI-BACKUP 4.0.3

Tri-BACKUP 4.0.3

Tri-BACKUP is a powerful and easy backup utility for Mac OS X.

Tri-BACKUP offers two different modes: “Immediate Actions” (to perform easy
and immediate backups, synchronizations, and restorations) and “Programmed
actions” (to schedule automatic backups and synchronizations).

Tri-BACKUP provides all necessary tools to efficiently manage your backup,
– flexible programming and scheduling of backup.
– compression and encryption of backup files.
– the ability to create a bootable copy of your hard disk.
– automatic upgrading.
– background processing.

Tri-BACKUP 4 has been designed for Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server and is
fully compatible with Panther. A separate version of Tri-BACKUP 4 is also
available for Mac OS 9.

Tri-BACKUP is available at:

A free demo version, giving you access to all features, but limited to 30
days is also available.

What’s new in this version?

This version provides new features and enhancements, among which:
– automatic verification of the volumes ignore permissions settings.
– add an option to modify the volumes Ignore permissions checkbox (for
example to create a bootable copy).
– delay at launch can be cancelled by pressing the ESCAPE key.
– add the size estimation menu option when in Immediate Copy and Backup
– skip Spotlight data base when copying a volume (Tiger).

System requirements: Mac OS X, Mac OS 9

Pricing and availability:

Tri-BACKUP is available now for download. Price:

– In Europe: 69 Euros (45 Euros for owners of Tri-BACKUP 2 or 3, FREE for
owners of Tri-BACKUP 4)
– Outside Europe: US $49 (US $29 for owners of Tri-BACKUP 2 or 3, FREE for
owners of Tri-BACKUP 4)