SAFARI Video Networks Acquires eZedia

Wynnewood, PA (May 25, 2005) – Today, SAFARI Video Networks, a subsidiary
of Library Video Company, announced the acquisition of the award-winning
product assets of eZedia, Inc. The outcome of this important purchase
unites the cutting-edge leader in multimedia authoring software for
students and teachers with the leading provider of digital video networking

eZedia is the premier, easy-to-use software tool for creating and editing
brilliant multimedia presentations, digital portfolios, electronic slide
shows, interactive CD-ROMs and websites. Students and teachers can combine
and edit graphics, text, sound, videos and even add interactivity with no
programming knowledge required!

“We are extremely pleased to offer this outstanding creation software as
part of the SAFARI Video Networks solution, as eZedia’s visual education
strategy has always been consistent with SAFARI’s vision,” said Timothy
Beekman, President of SAFARI Video Networks.

“We are very excited with what the future holds for us now that we have
joined SAFARI,” said Fred Whitehouse, Sales Director of eZedia, Inc. “While
we will continue to develop and sell eZedia as a solution, it is very
exciting to now be able to bring educators a total integrated digital
solution. Combining eZedia’s easy-to-use yet powerful multimedia authoring
tools with the great array of SAFARI content and delivery systems will, for
the first time, provide students and teachers with the ability to create
standards-based projects. eZedia and SAFARI share the same passion for
moving students from passive to active and engaged learners.”

According to Beekman, SAFARI’s view of the ideal educational network is a
system that provides a variety of robust visual tools and content which
educators use for high-quality presentation and individual instruction. The
vast assortment of applications that SAFARI-supported educators have at
their fingertips allows them to create a powerful visual teaching
environment and an exciting interactive learning setting. “eZedia’s
creative communication software adds a critical and valuable component to
educational networks designed for today’s schools, and we are honored to be
associated with such a reputable and well-respected company,” added Beekman.

eZedia has a loyal and exponentially growing customer base. “The eZedia
product line is the most promising set of new applications I’ve seen in
years. As we considered our multimedia application options, it quickly
became clear that the eZedia products fit our needs perfectly. First,
teacher and student users will benefit from eZedia’s ease of use. A few
basic concepts will get most users off and running with these products. As
use progresses, more sophisticated ideas can be introduced… or even
discovered… by users. This flexibility will allow teachers to
differentiate their curriculum for the various learning styles they have in
the classroom,” said Matt Fuller, Director of Technology and Media
Services, Wilmette Public Schools, Illinois.

eZedia is now a division of SAFARI Video Networks. For more details about
the acquisition or to schedule an interview, please contact SAFARI Video

About SAFARI Video Networks

SAFARI Video Networks, a newly acquired subsidiary of Library Video
Company, is the leading provider of video networking solutions for
education. SAFARI Video Networks offers schools a range of video networking
products, including the first truly open digital video-on-demand system;
video conferencing for distance education and professional development,
school news, and security; local video creation uploading and many other
products. SAFARI Video Networks will provide schools, districts and states
with a choice of the best new video programs digitally from Library Video
Company’s vast network of the finest educational video publishers and
distributors, including the award-winning Schlessinger Media content
library. More information is available at (

About eZedia

Founded in 1994 by Stefan Embleton, eZedia has become a leader in digital
media software technology. The company derives its name from the phrase
“easy media,” underscoring its corporate focus on the delivery of
easy-to-use and easy-to-learn digital media authoring and development

eZedia is committed to providing intuitive software that simplifies the
creation, integration and delivery of digital media for people at work,
home and school.

eZedia’s growing family of products currently include eZediaMX, eZediaQTI,
eZeMatte for iMovie, eZeScreen for iMovie, eZeClip for iMovie, eZediaMotion
for iMovie and eZedia Plug-ins for iMovie: V1. More information about
eZedia is available at (

eZedia’s products have won several industry awards, including a Media &
Methods’ 2003 Awards Portfolio for Multimedia Authoring for eZediaMX and a
2003 Award of Excellence from Technology & Learning magazine for eZediaQTI.