Shellac 1.0: Unix Command Line Tools as Automator Actions

PERTH, Western Australia — May 23, 2005 — Pixelglow Software today
launched a brand new product, Shellac 1.0. Available now for Mac OS X 10.4
(Tiger) or better, Shellac conveniently packages UNIX command line tools as
Automator actions. Each action is 99 cents (unlimited sessions, unlimited
users, on one computer), and version 1.0 comes with 9 different actions.

Email: shellac at pixelglow dot com.

Shellac gives you these features:

– Run powerful UNIX tools within Mac OS X Automator workflows: cat, cut,
grep, head, paste, sort, tail, uniq, wc and more!
– Use familiar Aqua controls to tweak each and every setting of the tool.
– Read plain-language descriptions straight from the Automator interface.
– Can’t figure out a setting? Tooltips to the rescue=8A
– Search for tools by UNIX name.
– Accept either text or files/folders as input.
– No extra install needed – comes as a self-contained application.
– Copy freely between different machines, just re-activate actions on the
new machine.

The philosophy behind Pixelglow Software products is “simply brilliant
stuff” — the software house that specializes in synthesizing disparate
technologies, making deeply powerful tech simple to use. Pixelglow
Software’s flagship product, the Altivec-optimized SIMD toolkit macstl, is
well regarded in numerics, high-performance and open-source circles since
2003. Their port of Graphviz to Mac OS X took two prizes in the Apple
Design Awards of 2004: Winner for Best Open Source Product and Runner-Up
for Best New Product.