Mountain View, California – May 19, 2005 – Pixoria, Inc. is proud to
announce that Konfabulator version 2.0 is ready for download.

This release focuses on giving both end users and Widget authors far more
control over their Widgets. This is achieved by providing basic
customization features in our default Widgets and expanding the
Konfabulator engine itself to do some really amazing things. For example,
Widgets can now have multiple windows. This allows for Widgets to show
their own windows and bezels in the style of the Widget, and allows for
more complex, application-like Widgets. Add to that custom context menu
support, colorization features, expanded preferences, and dozens of
additional developers features, and you’ve got the most powerful
cross-platform Widget engine on the planet.

Check out the list of features below for a better idea of what
Konfabulator:2 is all about!

What’s New in 2.0 For End Users

– The Weather has brand new look along with a more accurate feed from
– The new PIM Overview Widget lets you see your iCal and Outlook To Dos
and Appointments at a glance.
– The new Memory Gauge Widget gives you information about your
computer’s memory usage.
– Digital Clock now has an alarm manager so you can set personal alarms.
– Improved Proxy support for web resources (AutoProxy).
– Multi-Pane Preferences dialogs for Widgets making preference more
– Almost every Widget now has additional customization features built
into them.

What’s New in 2.0 For Widget Authors

– COM support
– Inter-Widget messaging
– Multiple Window support
– Multi-Click handling
– New Timer object
– Colorization (colorize, hsl adjustment, hsl tinting)
– Image Tiling/Scaling
– ClipRects on Images
– hAlign and vAlign on images and text areas
– Context menu addition support
– (utf-8 only)
– filesystem.volumes — array of currently mounted volumes
– filesystem.move and copy
– filesystem.getFileInfo
– filesystem.getDisplayName
– chooseFile/chooseFolder dialog functions
– saveAs dialog function
– chooseColor dialog function
– Trash/Recycle Bin open/empty

Konfabulator is a utility that allows you to use (and develop)
cross-platform mini-Applications using JavaScript and XML to do whatever
you want, and look however you want. Using the time-tested Mozilla
JavaScript engine, Konfabulator is a completely open and easy to learn
environment, so creating your own Widgets is an extremely simple task. For
the “skinning” crowd, Konfabulator is a dream come true. You can easily
change the look, feel, layout, even functionality of a Widget so that it
matches your lifestyle, your desktop, or the pants or skirt you have on
that day.

Want more than the default Widgets? Visit the revamped Widget Gallery that
contains over 1000 user contributed Widgets ranging from amazingly
addictive games to incredibly useful utilities.

The Gallery is at: (

Konfabulator’s home is: (

And the 2.0 download is here: (