Heavy Duty Game Design Software Announced for Macintosh

Litchfield, CT — May 17, 2005 — Sawblade Software today announced Power
Game Factory, innovative new software for creating side scrolling action
games for the Macintosh. Featuring a polished graphical user interface,
Power Game Factory is capable of producing games similar to many of the
most highly regarded console video games of the past two decades, but with
far superior graphics and sounds. Best of all, no programming is required.

Power Game Factory applies the latest technologies to the proven 2D
platformer game genre; games made with the software can combine high
resolution sprite graphics and realistic physics with authentic old school
gameplay, making Power Game Factory the ideal system for constructing
compelling, truly playable Macintosh games.

Power Game Factory is a robust game development environment: game projects
may be extremely simple, or they may feature hundreds of huge levels and
hours of gameplay. There are no restraints placed on the number of levels,
characters, weapons, and items in a game. Completed game projects can be
compiled into self-contained, fully functional applications which users may
sell without royalties or limitations of any kind.

Due to arrive in the Spring of 2005, Power Game Factory will ship on a CD
bundled with the Greenland Invasion game project, which demonstrates the
capabilities of the software. An included 6-step beginner’s tutorial will
help users get started with their own game design projects, while an
exhaustive 190 page user’s manual provides a complete reference. Also
included are collections of extra level background graphics and game music.
In addition, customers will enjoy free Sawblade Software stickers and a
Sawblade Software product order form offering discounts on merchandise.