Press Release


iStar Karaoke 1.0 Professional Karaoke for Mac OS X and Tiger

Script Software (Worldwide) today announced an update to its unique
application for Mac OS X called iStar Karaoke. iStar Karaoke is the first
karaoke player for the Macintosh. iStar rips (if you have a CD+G compatible
drive) and plays CD+G. CD+G format cd’s are the ones that are used for
professional karaoke. iStar also uses .kar files which have midi and lyrics
and are available free on the net. Today iStar adds the ability to use LRC
Enhanced files to its repetoire. LRC files are lyric files that can be used
in conjunction with your own MP3 files for karaoke.

Download iStar Karaoke and try it out:

– iStar brings professional karaoke to Mac OS X and Tiger
– iStar now takes LRC Enhanced files with your own MP3’s to do karaoke.
– iStar can handle CD+G discs with a compatible drive.
– iStar also does .kar and midi files which can be found for free on
the web.
– Create playlists and organize your music the way you want.
– Choose from three different sizes for your Karaoke text.
– RIP music to your Macintosh, no more need to keep track of piles of
– User interface, designed to make using iStar simple and fun.
– Rip all your CD+G disks and keep them on your computer.
– Make your Mac (mini or otherwise) your iPod for Karaoke.
– iStar makes more and more use of Mac technologies like Quartz
graphics and Core Audio.
– This is just the beginning.

To use iStar for CD+G these drives are known to be CD+G compatible.
Plextor PX-716UF
Plextor PX-716SA
Plextor PX-712UF (CD+G import confirmed in testing)
Plextor PX-712SA

If you already have an external drive just download iStar and try it

For more information please see the website: