Michael Tsai has released SpamSieve 2.3.1, an update to his Bayesian spam filtering utility for popular e-mail clients such as Apple Mail, Mailsmith, Entourage, PowerMail, and Eudora. The new version offers numerous changes, including: Works with Apple Mail on Mac OS X 10.4.1; various accuracy improvements; renamed the Apple Mail training commands to Train as Good and Train as Spam; rain as Spam is much faster in Apple Mail on 10.4 when there are multiple messages selected; if SpamSieve’s Dock icon is hidden, a new SpamSieve – Open Window command will appear in Apple Mail’s Message menu (this lets you quit SpamSieve or access its windows and settings while its menu bar is hidden); worked around Apple Mail bug so that Train as Good now moves spam messages out of Mail’s Spam folder on 10.4, provided that SpamSieve had put them there; and more. SpamSieve sells for US$25.