Improved Web file transfers, activity monitoring and user tracking top list
of major enhancements to class-leading file transfer server.

May 12, 2005 – Rumpus FTP, the premier Internet file transfer server for
Macintosh, has been significantly improved in the latest update from Maxum
Development. Rumpus 4.1, released today, includes dozens of updates and
several major new capabilities, including:

Web File Manager Extensions

The WFM has been heavily revised in both appearance and functionality. New
customization options, available without modifying any HTML, include
premade color scheme selection and style sheets for controlling text fonts
and sizes. Functional enhancements include cookie-based user
authentication, directory list sorting, download links, enhanced multi-file
upload and download control pages. The default WFM appearance has also been
improved with the addition of an integrated help page, simplified anonymous
login, and a cleaner look.

Activity Graphs

New activity graphs provide an overview of recent server activity at a
glance. The graphs present information on both “hits” and data throughput
for both FTP and WFM access over the past minute, hour, or several days.

User Tracking And Reporting

The new “Active Users” window lists both WFM and FTP users who have
recently accessed the server, with a session summary that includes a full
session transcript. Transcripts can be viewed in the Rumpus control
application or saved to a file unique to each user account.

Enhanced Upload Notices

In addition to e-mail messages, Rumpus can now execute AppleScripts or Unix
shell commands when files are uploaded to the server. A smart test function
has also been added, simplifying notice creation and debugging. In
addition, notices can now be triggered for file downloads, as well as

Additional Features And Fixes

The Web File Manager has been optimized for use with SSL tunneling software
to simplify and expand secure transfers over https. Local FTP access can
now be optimized for direct connection over private LANs. The WFM progress
indicator has been updated for better client compatibility. The Setup
Assistant can now analyze the network and make specific suggestions about
configuration. The Rumpus control application will now stay up to date with
changes made to the user database by other applications. Rumpus file
folders such as the configuration and logs folders can now be opened simply
by clicking a button in the Rumpus control application. Numerous other
problems have been corrected or resolved as well.

Rumpus 4.1 Standard Edition is priced at $249, or $79 to upgrade from any
previous Rumpus version. A Professional Edition for larger organizations
and ISPs is priced at $395, or $129 for the upgrade. In accordance with
Maxum’s “One Year Of Free Upgrades” policy, version 4.1 is free for any
Rumpus customer who has purchased the product since January 1, 2004.

For complete details, including a free, fully-functional, time-limited
evaluation version, visit the Rumpus home page, at:

Rumpus FTP, first launched in 1997, is the premier file transfer server for
Mac OS. Maxum Development Corp. was the first commercial Internet software
company to release products for Mac OS, and continues to innovate with it’s
line of Internet server essentials.