SoftRAID driver now included with Tiger

SoftRAID LLC, announced today that its SoftRAID 3 driver is included with
Apple’s new operating System, Tiger (Mac OS 10.4). This includes all retail
DVD’s and CPUs which come pre-installed with 10.4.

The SoftRAID 3 driver allows the OS X system to recognize SoftRAID volumes
created with the SoftRAID 3 application. This means that a user can take
their SoftRAID volumes to any machine with Tiger installed and the volumes
will appear on the desktop and function normally, with or without the
presence of the SoftRAID application. The SoftRAID application is necessary
for the user to create and manage the volumes.

This also means that current SoftRAID 3 users can install the Tiger system
directly onto their SoftRAID volumes using the Tiger Installer DVDs without
modification. (Panther Installer CDs and DVDs must be modified by the
SoftRAID application before they can recognize SoftRAID volumes.)

Version 3.1.3 is the currently shipping version of SoftRAID 3 and it is
recommended that all SoftRAID users upgrade to this version before using

SoftRAID 3, which includes the SoftRAID application and driver, is
available through the SoftRAID website, or can be ordered
through resellers worldwide.