iVCD 2.4: VCD Burner / MPEG Encoder

Vancouver, Canada, April 21, 2005 — Mireth Technology Corp. has released
version 2.4 of iVCD, its easy to use VCD Burner / MPEG Encoder software
that makes a VCD in just one step. Version 2.4 adds several advanced
features including CPU load control, support for both Apple Disc Recording
and CDR Disk At Once (cdrdao), support for hybrid video/music VCDs, aspect
ratio control, Windows autorun support and iMovie HD support.

“iVCD leverages best of breed video and audio conversion technology,
combines it with Apple’s ease of use interface to provide the most
comprehensive and easy to use VCD & SVCD burning software available for Mac
OS X,” said Donna Johnson, President of Mireth Technology.

iVCD is an all-in-one MPEG encoder and VCD & SVCD burner which will make a
VCD from source files in just one step. This easy to use software can make
a VCD, SVCD, XVCD or XSVCD. It accepts most source files – AVI, Divx,
Xvid, mpg, .mov. iMovie or Quicktime movie files, converts to MPEG and
burns the VCD in just one step. It supports both NTSC and PAL output
formats, produces looping VCDs for tradeshow kiosks, and VCDs with menus
(playback control).

This version of iVCD adds several advanced features requested by Mireth

CPU Usage Control allows you to manage the amount of CPU used by iVCD
during the Convert process. If you’re using iVCD during the day and want
to work on something else while iVCD converts video in the background, use
this feature to reduce the amount of CPU used by iVCD while you use your
computer for a foreground task, such as reading your email.

Adding support for CDR Disk At Once (cdrdao) to burn VCDs is additional
support iVCD provides for drives not supported by Apple’s Disc Recording
APIs. Implementing this feature allowed a user who was getting consistent
burn failures using Apple Disc Recording APIs under Mac OS X 10.3 to
successfully make a VCD by selecting the CDR Disk At Once (cdrdao) option

Hybrid Video / Music CDs allow users to play the music portion of the CD in
a CD player, and the Video portion of the CD in a VCD player, such as a
standalone DVD player or in any computer.

Windows Autorun support allows users to create VCDs that will Autorun under
Windows, so they’ll play when inserted in to a Windows CD Drive.

The Pixel Aspect Ratio under Expert Settings allows user to select the
pixel aspect ratio. The specified frame size of the output will be
adjusted to take the pixel aspect ratio of the output device into account:
1:1 for computer display, 4:3 for standard television, 16:9 for
widescreen television.

Support for iMovie HD 5 makes it easy for users to make VCDs from their
iMovies, no matter what version of iMovie they use.

“What’s really important about software development is implementing the
features your customers ask for,” said Robert Wiebe, VP of Research and
Development. “That’s what we’ve done and what we will continue to do.”

The VCD video format uses ordinary recordable CD media to store movies
(instead of using a DVD or a VHS tape). VCDs use the MPEG-1 format which
delivers VHS quality playback and about 80 minutes of video on a CD. VCD
is an ideal format for making home videos and corporate videos because they
are easy and inexpensive to produce, inexpensive to distribute and easy to
play. A VCD can be produced at home or in the office, requiring only VCD
authoring software, such as Mireth’s iVCD, a CD burner and a CD-R. VCDs
can be played in almost anything, including most DVD players, both Windows
and Macintosh computers (using Mireth’s MacVCD Media Player) and in many
video game machines.

Pricing and Availability

iVCD is available for immediate download, or on CD-ROM, starting at $29.95.
Registered users of previous versions of iVCD can upgrade for free.
Educational pricing and volume discounts are available. iVCD runs on Mac
OS X. For more information, visit www.mireth.com/pub/ivme.html. iVCD is
also available in the Mac SVCD Software Bundle, which bundles MPEG
Converter, SVCD Burner and SVCD Player software for one low price.
Available as a software download or on CD-ROM, starting at $54.95 (US).
For more information, visit www.mireth.com/pub/mac-svcd-bdl.html

About Mireth Technology Corp.

Founded in 1991, Mireth Technology Corp. (www.mireth.com) produces
easy-to-use and cost effective Macintosh software, including ShredIt,
NetShred, iVCD, Music Man, and MacVCD, the best selling Macintosh VCD
playing software in the world. Mireth is well-known in the industry for
providing robust, well-tested products and outstanding customer support. A
Vancouver based corporation, Mireth Technology produces “The right software
for the job.”(TM)