Monday, April 11, 2005

Today, 24U Software updated 24U Hex OSAX to version 2.0! Programmers,
Developers and AppleScript scripters can now work with hexadecimal data
directly or convert thousands of values at once. Even creation of new
hexadecimal tools is now as easy as calculating 1 + 1 in AppleScript.

What is new in version 2.0?

– New classes for numerical types float and unsigned integer
– Coercions between float, real, integer and unsigned integer
– Hexadecimal conversion of real, float, unsigned integer and Unicode text
– Arithmetic and bitwise operations with hexadecimal numbers
– Ability to convert list of values at once
– Powerful tool: Hexadecimal Calculator (sample AppleScript Studio project)

More info:

What is 24U Hex OSAX?

This scripting addition allows you to encode text and numbers into a
hexadecimal notation and back. The hexadecimal notation contains only
alphanumeric characters, and so you can utilize it well for transfering
data between platforms and over the Internet. Software engineers and
programers will also benefit from the ability to write simple scripts for
generation and manipulation of hexadecimal data.

Primary functions of 24U Hex OSAX:

– Convert text and numbers to hexadecimal notation and back.
– Hexadecimal notation can be transfered unchanged between platforms
and over the Internet
– Allows for customized hexadecimal dump/editing of files
– Hexadecimal numbers can be aligned (i.e. “0001”)
– Hexadecimal values can be prefixed (i.e. “0x00FF” or “%0D%0A”)
– Prefixed hexadecimal (i.e. “0x00FF” or “%0D%0A”) values can be decoded

Attractive prices of 24U Hex OSAX:

– Licence for 1 user is $22 US, license for every additional user is $7 US!
– Strong advantageous licenses for 20 users or more!
– To purchase visit:

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