Synchronize FileMaker and SQL (web) databases on field-by-field basis

SYDNEY, Aust. – April 6, 2005 – Garrison Computer Services today announced
an update of fmSQL Synch, a replication and synchronizing utility which
updates records in both a FileMaker and SQL database. Available for Mac OS
9 and Mac OS X, fmSQL Synch employs AppleEvents and JDBC to exchange data
between FileMaker and SQL databases.

Existing databases can be configured for synchronizing with just a few
modifications. fmSQL Synch can also be used to migrate data to/from
FileMaker and SQL databases.

Two-way synchronizing will update data from both FileMaker and SQL
databases. Synchronizing includes updating changed records as well as
adding or deleting records. Any record changes made in the FileMaker
databases are replicated in the SQL database and vice-versa.

fmSQL Synch employs field-level conflict checking and resolution. Changes
to records in both databases are compared on a field-by-field basis. Any
records that have been modified on both FileMaker and SQL database since
the last synchronization will have all change conflicts logged so the user
can choose which data to keep.

fmSQL Synch has been designed to be easy to use. The setup assistant will
walk the user through the required configuration steps, including setting
up the JDBC connection details and choosing which fields to use from each

Easily integrate existing FileMaker solutions with a few extra
modifications to any existing databases. Once modified the user can use
fmSQL Synch to synchronize FileMaker and SQL databases and control all
synching conflicts.

After selecting which fields to synchronize in the SQL tables, the user can
have fmSQL Synch create all the SQL statements automatically. The user can
even let fmSQL Synch create the SQL tables which also makes it useful as a
tool for FM to SQL migration.

“Companies have found cost savings in using a separate web database and are
looking for ways to exchange data with both their web database and their
in-house database” said Charlie Garrison, founder of Garrison Computer
Services. “fmSQL Synch was developed to make that data exchange easy and

“The updated fmSQL Synch app worked flawlessly today. Tried couple of times
as I did before, I can not break the synchronization. Besides my testings,
the fmSQL Synch synchronization has kept pace with our Production users
throughout the day. Needless to say, I am ecstatic.”
–Henry Chang, Pentagon Technologies


fmSQL Synch v1.0.1 has a few new features as well as some bug fixes:

– Added DEBUG logging to assist with finding ‘set data’ errors
– Added support for varying SQL date formats (eg. mySQL, MS SQL, etc)
– Bug fixes & additional support for US vs int’l date formats
– Change IDParent in MergeConflicts and DeleteLog from type ‘number’ to ‘text’
– Updated documentation


fmSQL Synch is available now in two versions; with and without a license for
SQL Plugin. The bundle with a license for the SQL Plugin is on special until
May 15.

– fmSQL Synch, single-user US$129
– fmSQL Synch with SQL Plugin, single-user US$149

To download a demo or for purchasing options, please visit the company’s web
site at, send email to, or call +61 2 4575 5247.


– OS9 or OSX 10.2 or later
– FileMaker Pro v4 or later (not compatible with FMv7 until fmSQL Synch v2)
– SQL Plugin v2.1.2 or later
– JDBC driver for the SQL database

Note: fmSQL Synch v2 is fully compatible with FMv7. Version 2 is in final
beta testing and a public beta will be released in a few weeks.

The SQL Plugin from Rumora Automatisering en Advies is required. The latest
version (at this time) is SQL Plugin 2.1.4. The plugin is commercial
software but a demo version is available for testing fmSQL Synch. A demo
copy of the plugin is included in the fmSQL Synch package. A version of
fmSQL Synch bundled with SQL Plugin is available.

A JDBC driver for the SQL database is also required. fmSQL Synch has been
developed for use with mySQL but any database which has a JDBC driver
should work. The latest version (at this time) is MySQL Connector/J 3.0.15.
The driver is free to download and its use is licensed under the GPL. The
mySQL driver has been included in the fmSQL Synch package for convenience.


Garrison Computer Services develops web applications and database solutions
for small to medium sized businesses. The company has specialized in
automating Macintosh software and systems since 1987. Other products from
the company include Make Tracks, a customizable FileMaker template for
marketing and customer service databases, and Email Archiver, a tool for
keeping the size of mailboxes to a reasonable limit. For more information,
please visit the company’s web site at, send
email to, or call +61 2 4575 5247.