Fort Worth, TX, April 6, 2005 — Comm-Unity Networking Systems announces
the release of CNS Image 1.0, for FileMaker 7.x and above for Macintosh. A
Windows version will follow. This is the initial release of the plug-in.

CNS Image can import images into container fields and export images from
container fields. What the plug-in can do with images while in FileMaker is
where it gets interesting.

Imagine importing a folder of digital photos into FileMaker. There are
several tasks you will probably want to apply to your photos. You may want
to rotate a photo from landscape to portrait. You may want to crop a photo
down to capture the subject of the photo better. You may want to flip or
reflect a photo horizontally, vertically, or both. You may want to apply a
sepia color tint to the photo to give it that antique look. You may want to
sharpen the photo up and adjust the hue or saturation of the photo to make
the colors pop out better. All of these things, and more, can be done using
CNS Image, and you do not even have to leave FileMaker to accomplish them.

You may want to extract a layer from a Photoshop document. You can even
extract pages (layers) from a PDF document which can be useful for viewing
documents cross-platform in FileMaker.

You can also use CNS Image to download an image from the internet right
into a container field. Such a feature can be used to download webcam
images, dynamic images of the earth, road maps, and even images to update
the look of your solution. Imagine creating a new backdrop, header, or logo
that is automatically downloaded when your users open a solution you have

CNS Image also gives you the ability to apply a QuickTime filter to an
image. QuickTime comes with several built in filters such as Brightness,
ColorSync, HSL Balance, RGB Balance, Blur, Edge Detection, Emboss, Sharpen,
Color Style, Color Tint, and more. There are also third party filters
available on the net.

What once was impossible, is now a reality, with CNS Image and FileMaker 7.

Brian Dunning, of was excited to test out CNS Image:
“Using CNS Image, I was able to transfer an entire web site of graphics
into a FileMaker database in under an hour. This one plug-in saved days or
weeks of painstaking manual labor.”

Example database includes the following examples:

– Importing
– Exporting
– Information
– Convert
– Crop
– Rotate
– Reflect
– Filter
– Transform
– Screenshot Crop (Mini Solution)
– Webcams (Mini Solution)
– Earth View (Mini Solution)
– Map Viewer (Mini Solution)
– Simple Image Browser (Mini Solution)
– PDF Page Splitter (Mini Solution)
– Custom Functions


– Import Images with dynamic paths and filenames
– Export Images with dynamic paths and filenames
– Use customizable dialogs to import and export images
– Get a variety of information about an image
– Convert image type, size, resolution, depth, quality, and target size
– Crop an image
– Rotate an image
– Reflect or flip an image
– Apply a Quicktime filter to an image
– Transform an image (squish or stretch)
– Download an image from the internet directly into a container field
– Extract layers of an image as new images (Including Photoshop and PDFs)

Demonstration version available

You can evaluate CNS Image for 30 days for free, however, after 30 days,
CNS Image should be removed from your hard drive if you do not plan to
purchase it. The demo version of CNS Image will display a splash screen
every fifteen minutes that you use it. Once you purchase and register your
copy of CNS Image, the splash screen will no longer show.

Purchasing CNS Image

You can purchase CNS Image from our secure website. Simply go to and choose the “Purchase (Prices)” link from
the toolbar. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We
will also accept Purchase Orders and checks under special circumstances.
Please email or call us if you would like to purchase with a Purchase order
or a check.

Our pricing structure for CNS Image is as follows:

License Price Cost per License
1 User $65.00 $65.00 each
5 User $228.00 $45.60 each
10 User $319.00 $31.90 each
25 User $558.00 $22.32 each
50 User $781.00 $15.62 each
Site / Worldwide $1093.00
Developer’s $664.00

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Fort Worth, Texas 76116

Phone: 817-560-4226