Atlanta, GA – April 4, 2005 – Steve Kochan Teaches Objective-C
Mini-Bootcamp June 25-26, 2005

Big Nerd Ranch announces an exciting opportunity for future Cocoa
developers – June 25-26, 2005. Steve Kochan, one of the foremost
Objective-C experts, will be teaching a mini-bootcamp on Objective-C
programming in conjunction with the June Cocoa Bootcamp. The mini-bootcamp
can be taken on its own for $1000.00 or can be packaged with the Cocoa
Bootcamp for a package price of $4300.00. The two-day bootcamp will provide
intensive training in the essential areas of Objective-C programming and
provides the perfect opportunity for developers who want to receive
training in this field. Unlike other courses in Objective-C, no prior
background in C or object-oriented programming is required, and students
attending the class will emerge fully prepared to begin developing in one
of the key languages in the industry.

“Having someone of Steve Kochan’s caliber teaching a bootcamp for the Big
Nerd Ranch is just an incredible bonus for us,” said Big Nerd Ranch
founder, Aaron Hillegass. “When we can attract people who are celebrities
in their field to teach our bootcamps, we know that our hard work and
commitment to excellence has paid off. Students who treat themselves to the
chance to work with Steve will be glad they did.” The course is
multi-layered and covers a great deal of information in a short period of
time, so students should come prepared to work and more importantly, to

Highlights of the course include:

* Understanding Class, Objects, and Methods and a brief introduction
to OOP programming

* Writing a first program in Objective-C

* Understanding data types and expressions

* Using basic controls for looping, decision-making, etc.

* Polymorphism, Dynamic Typing and Dynamic Binding

* Introductions to basic Foundation classes and Memory Management

The instructor for the class, Steve Kochan, is the author and co-author of
several bestselling books on the C language, including: “Programming in C,”
“Programming in ANSI C,” and “Topics in C Programming.” He also has written
a number of titles for UNIX including: “Exploring the UNIX System” and
“UNIX Shell Programming.” His recently published introductory book,
“Programming in Objective-C,” will be used as the course textbook and his
most recent work, “Beginning Apple Script,” has just been released by Wiley
publishing in their Wrox programmer-to-programmer series. In addition to
writing, Mr. Kochan also spent several years teaching UNIX and C classes at
AT & T Bell Laboratories. In 1985, he started his own company, Pipeline
Associates, which he sold in 1997.

For the complete syllabus, please visit

The Big Nerd Ranch incorporates intensive training classes for Unix and Mac
OS X programmers in a retreat setting outside Atlanta, GA. Class price of
$3500 includes lodging, all meals, original instruction materials, 24-hour
lab access, and transportation to and from the Atlanta airport. Students
are encouraged to bring independent projects to class, allowing for input
from classmates and individual instructor attention. For more information,
call 678-595-6773 or visit