MaxUpgrades announces availability of MaxSleeve for PowerBooks/iBooks

(Corona, CA), March 18th, 2005: MaxUpgrades announces availability of the
MaxSleeve, sleeves for Apple PowerBooks and iBooks.

The MaxSleeve (show in graphic) is an impact resistant sleeve for
PowerBooks and iBooks that provides shock protection. It’s made of
Visco-Elastic Memory Foam and envelopes the whole notebook. There’s foam
padding throughout the entire surface. The MaxSleeve has a two-zipper pull
design and a closed zipper type. The zippers don’t come in contact with the
laptop. The MaxSleeve is designed to be slipped into a notebook bag or


MaxUpgrades is an Innovative company focused on design and development of
enhancement products for Macintosh and PC computer platforms. MaxUpgrades
specializes in unique product designs that add performance and
functionality to computers.

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(951) 248-0832