OpenBase acquires Code Builder, database code generator for REALbasic
OpenBase announces new plugin designed to work with REALbasic standard

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA — March 22, 2005 — OpenBase
International, Ltd., has acquired Code Builder, developed by Open
Minded Solutions. Code Builder is a database application code generator
for REALbasic, a cross-platform development environment for MacOS X,
Windows and Linux platforms.

“Code Builder is the missing link”, explains Scott Keith, CEO of
OpenBase International. “It builds the database access layer for you so
you can manage data directly as encapsulated objects rather than having
to write SQL. It saves time and money.”

“Code Builder cuts the time it takes to build database applications
considerably,” says Norman Palardy, developer of the new REALbasic
plugin for OpenBase. “Code Builder offers significant advantages for
developers who want to stay compatible with the standard REALbasic
database API. Code Builder builds a complete database access layer on
top of the standard REALbasic database API for maximum portability.”

Under the terms of the acquisition, the developers of Code Builder will
join OpenBase International’s development team to produce enhanced
versions of the tools. Jevon Hills, lead developer of Code Builder,
says, “We are excited to be joining the OpenBase team. OpenBase SQL has
a rich feature set and is the best technology for building scalable
business applications.”

Code Builder is being shown at the REALbasic developer’s conference
this week. Please contact Norman Palardy ( to
arrange a demo. Code Builder will be released under the OpenBase label
in April and will sell for $199.


OpenBase also announced a new database plugin designed to work with the
standard edition of REALbasic. The new plugin complies with the
standard REALbasic API for database access.

Code Builder, when combined with the new REALbasic plugin, offers a
powerful and cost-effective solution for building database
applications, without having to purchase the more expensive
professional version of REALbasic.

The database plugin for REALbasic standard edition will be released in


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Established in 1991, OpenBase International, Ltd. is a privately held,
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Japan; and Adelaide, Australia. A unique and proven combination of
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