Tinderbox for Macintosh version 2.4

Eastgate is DELIGHTED to announce a new version of Tinderbox!
Tinderbox 2.4 represents a new landmark; with more than 80
improvements, Tinderbox is faster, smoother, and more powerful than

RULES add even more intelligence and flexibility, allowing you to
create new relationships between notes.

STICKY and LOCKED ADORNMENTS make maps easier and smarter

NEW TINDERBOX ASSISTANTS for building Web sites and elegant
presentations — using the latest Web standards.

Tinderbox 2.4 is available for immediate download at


Tinderbox is of special interest to developers in three ways:

a) Tinderbox makes a superb programmer’s notebook. Its light
footprint makes Tinderbox easy to open and easy to keep around, while
its flexible methods of linking and its fast, incremental regular
expression search make Tinderbox ideal for keeping related ideas
linked together — and for discovering hidden connections. Tinderbox
is also ideal for product and development team blogs.

b) Tinderbox’s map view makes a superb, electronic whiteboard for
coordinating team meetings and tracking tasks, features, and

c) Tinderbox’s flexible HTML/XML export makes it a fine front-end
editor for building _ad hoc_ XML files for test rigs and specialized
platforms where hand-coding might be tedious.

Individual copies of Tinderbox are available at $165, with
10-workstation team licenses at just $545.