For immediate release

Keychain Macros X now available

Keychain Macros X will enable you to browse the World Wide Web more
efficiently and securely than ever before. It will enable you to use
different secure names and passwords for each web page that you must log
into, but you don’t have to remember a variety of names and passwords, nor
do you have to keep scraps of paper around with your names and passwords on
them (a very insecure, but all too common approach).

Keychain Macros X is a keyboard macro program. This means that when you
type a key combination that you have defined, known as a “hot key” or
“trigger key”, Keychain Macros X will then type a replacement string for
you, just as if you had typed the replacement string yourself.
Keychain Macros X is unique amongst keyboard macro programs (and there are
many) in that it enables you to define different replacement strings for
the same trigger key and that the replacement string is stored securely in
a keychain. Keychain Macros X chooses which replacement string to use based
on which hot key you pressed, which application you are running when you
typed the hot key, and which window is the front window.

E.g., if you are browsing the web with Safari and you are viewing the login
page for you could type your password hot key, and
Keychain Macros X would retrieve the password for this site from its
keychain and type it in for you. If later on, you are viewing the login
page for, you could type the same trigger key, but this
time, Keychain Macros X would retrieve the password for this page and type
it for you. Thus you can use longer and more secure passwords for each
page, yet you only have to remember one key combination, regardless of
which site you are viewing. You no longer have to use the same password for
every site, nor do you have to keep scraps of paper around with your
passwords on them! And you no longer have to worry about making typing
mistakes as you type in a long meaningless string of numbers and characters
(the most secure type of password).

Keychain Macros X supports the use of 4 hot keys. The hot keys are referred
to as:
1) the “Name” hot key;
2) the “Password” hot key;
3) the “Other” hot key; and
4) the “Strings” hot key.

The names of these hot keys are simply for convenience and as a
recommendation as to how to use them, but they don’t have to be used this
way. E.g., normally you would use the “Password” hot key for entering the
password into a web page. But you may want to use this hot key to enter a
phone number for a page that doesn’t have a field for passwords.

The “Name,” “Password,” and “Other” hot keys are used to look up a
replacement string and type it in. The “Strings” hot key is used to bring
up the “Keychain Macros X Replacement Strings” dialog. This dialog is used
to specify and edit the replacement strings for a window.

Keychain Macros X is “try before you buy” shareware. Feel free to use
Keychain Macros X without paying anything to determine whether or not it is
useful for you. Once you have made your decision, then please purchase a
registration code and register the program or stop using it.
Keychain Macros X relies on the honesty of the user community and is not
crippled in any way, even if its not registered. However, if you use it too
long without registering, Keychain Macros X will nag you more and more

Keychain Macros X is available now at (

A registration code valid for all users on a single machine is US $10.00
and can be purchased from within the application or at