Coeur d’Alene (Idaho, USA), 10th of March, 2005 — DEVONtechnologies LLC
updates its professional Internet research tool and alternative web browser
DEVONagent to version 1.6 and also releases some minor updates for the
freeware applications EasyFind, ThumbsUp and XMenu.

DEVONagent 1.6 now features quick search keywords that allow users to
access all major search engines directly from the address field of web
browser windows. To query e.g. Google, one simply enters “google” followed
by the search term. This makes a toolbar search field like in Safari
completely obsolete.

The new version also comes with new plug-ins for searching TidBITS,
MacUpdate.com and Versiontracker.com, a new scanner to filter or search for
pages linking to BibTeX and LaTeX files, the possibility to specify a word
range for the “after” and “before” operators and a complete French
localization. The address field in browser windows auto-completes URLs
based on the bookmarks and the history of previously visited pages, the
scheduler sends styled e-mail notifications with all found search results
and DEVONagent 1.6 supports the same boolean operators also used by the
Finder and Spotlight.

Maybe most important news is that scheduled search runs now execute
AppleScripts that can even interact with the search results. This greatly
enhances DEVONagent’s ability to integrate with other applications and
workflows. Additionally, an overhauled Scripts menu makes it easy to extend
DEVONagent’s feature set with new functions.

EasyFind 3.4 moves files instead of copying them when dragging them to the
Finder or the Desktop, supports the boolean operators inofficially used by
Finder and Spotlight, is faster and uses less memory. ThumbsUp 4.1 adds the
possibility to create thumbnails for complete folders of images (and so
allows real batch processing) and makes creating thumbnails from images
with wrong file name extension or HFS type more reliable. XMenu 1.5,
finally, displays menu titles in bold and fixes some minor bugs. As always,
all applications are faster, more reliable and quite a few minor bugs have
been fixed.

DEVONagent 1.6 requires Mac OS X 10.2.7 or later, a fast Internet
connection is strongly recommended. EasyFind and ThumbsUp require Mac OS X
10.2, XMenu runs on Mac OS X 10.3 and higher. All applications are
immediately available as a free download from www.devon-technologies.com.
DEVONagent must be purchased in DEVONtechnologies’ online shop for US$ 35
after the evaluation period, the update to version 1.6 is free for all
registered users. DEVONagent is also available with DEVONthink as
“Infoworker’s Bundle” for US$ 65.

Contact details for your readers:
E-Mail info@devon-technologies.com, Internet www.devon-technologies.com


DEVONagent overcomes all the shortcomings that make Google & Co. such a
pain for serious research. More than 50 plug-ins for search engines,
scientific databases and research tools, predefined search sets you can use
right away and a clean, easy to use user interface make DEVONagent the #1
tool for finding information on the web for the Mac.

DEVONagent is much more than just an interface for web search engines. It
helps you

collecting and

information with a powerful and flexible search architecture, a simple to
use built-in archive and perfect integration with DEVONthink. DEVONagent
creates perfectly tailored summaries, acts as a fast and lean web browser,
supports news feeds like RSS and shows all items of interest in a separate
drawer. It can’t be easier to look for information on the web.

Key features:

* Collects, analyzes weights and summarizes search results from all major
Internet search engines. Eliminates junk, similar, archived or error pages
on-the-fly and looks for specific types of data, e.g. webcams, multimedia
files, downloadable archives, e-mail addresses or links on demand.

* A scheduler allows to run predefined queries completely unattended and to
execute a series of actions like archive in DEVONagent or DEVONthink, send
an e-mail or speak a text.

* The integrated web browser based on the Safari engine is especially
tailored at the needs of web researchers. Access all your Camino, Firefox,
OmniWeb and Safari bookmarks, filter out e-mail addresses, images or linked
files with just one click and compare the results of a search run using A.I.

* DEVONagent is able to scan RSS, RDF, RSD and Atom feeds. In addition, the
integrated web browser converts such feeds on-the-fly to HTML and presents
them similar to Safari 2.0.
Presents the result of the search run in human-readable format as digest,
dynamically assembled to selected topics. Found search words are
automatically highlighted and texts summarized.

* An easy-to-use but powerful web page archive allows you to organize and
search stored pages.

* DEVONagent is built on a flexible and extensible plug-in architecture
that allows to query a great variety of search engines and write new
plug-ins at ease. Also, DEVONagent automatically scans your favorite web
pages for news and follows promising links.

* DEVONagent features a clean, intuitive user interface and full
AppleScript integration. Like all DEVONtechnologies applications,
DEVONagent is built to seamlessly integrate with Mac OS X and supports
services or drag-and-drop and provides a Dock menu.


DEVONtechnologies LLC, founded in 2002, incorporated in 2004 and
headquartered in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, USA, researches in the field of
semantic and associative data analysis and synthesis, and develops key
applications based on the DEVONtechnology. Named after the Devonian Period,
the DEVONtechnology marks the departure into a new age of data processing.
The main focus of all activities is clearly on using the robust, flexible
and versatile architecture intelligently to create rock-solid applications
for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to databases,
intelligent agents, data-mining, information retrieval and
human-computer-interfaces. More information: www.devon-technologies.com.