MACOSX.COM LAUNCHES FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT SERVICE announces free personal technical support services. The new
free service feature is email based and provides individual attention
by a Macintosh tech. Responses to issues are generally provided in less
than 24 hours.

Support is not limited to the Mac only, but includes anything that runs
on or attaches to a Mac, including connecting to networked devices such
as Windows & Linux systems. Printers, scanners, modems, iPods, and
displays are just a short list of hardware devices supported. Most
software is covered including Adobe products, iLife applications,
Microsoft and more.

The support service is staffed by volunteers who enjoy helping out
fellow Mac users with troubleshooting problems as they may arise.
Currently, over 70 volunteers are helping support the launch of the new
service and even more volunteer techs are needed. Anyone with a desire
to help others and technical know how for the Mac (even if specialized)
is desired.

For more information on getting technical support or applying to be a
volunteer tech, visit

The recent service offering is part of a re-branding shift
is going through to turn it’s focus away from a general Mac community
site to a Mac support destination. Our individual attention we provide
Macintosh users separates us from other sites which provide news,
information digesting or simply forum support.


Note to News Publishers & Site Owners: Are you inundated with
technical support questions from your users? With our new Mac support
focus, we are looking for Mac sites to team up with us through a
promotional partner program. By encouraging your users to use our
service for support issues, this takes the burden off your shoulders to
focus on what you do best. At the same time, it provides a avenue for
Mac users to get special attention, something they may not get by
contacting you with their latest USB printer issue.

Whether it be direct linking, a on-site (your site) support form, or
other means of matching up those in need with our services, we would be
happy to discuss those ideas. Any site that works with us will get a
direct link off our main page at and/or further site

We appreciate your support of our efforts to help out the Mac
community. Thank you.

Scott William