XTension to include support for two USB-native controllers

Sand Hill Engineering has updated its OS X home automation application
“XTension” to include support for two USB-native controllers. The
newest model from X10, the ActivehomePRO, is the first device to support
all of the RF and powerline functions including the security devices, in
a single box for $50. The Smarthome PowerLincUSB provides all X10
powerline functions for $30.

This version of XTension includes many new features like the long-awaited
search and replace function for global and unit scripts. XTension offers
separation of powerline, wireless and security addresses, supporting a
total of over 750 active units in your home system.

For a limited time, buy the ActivehomePRO , and receive discounts on
XTension and X2Web equal to the price of the ActivehomePRO. (visit
www.shed.com for details)

XTension for Mac OS X is US$149.95, with a free Lite version. Still
supported is the Classic version which runs on Mac OS 7.1 thru 9.2, on
almost any Mac ever made.