decodecrashlog 1.0

decodecrashlog is an open-source, BSD licensed Python program that
can apply a CodeWarrior CFM link map to a Mac OS X crash log from a
“release build”, recovering the function names and offsets.

It is intended to help developers who prefer to omit traceback tables
from their release builds for space and/or privacy reasons, and
therefore can’t readily interpret crash logs from end users, because
they show backtraces as pure hex addresses.

This initial 1.0 release supports only CodeWarrior CFM link maps.
This may be extended to CodeWarrior Mach-O link maps and/or non
CodeWarrior link maps if the project proves successful.

Also, there’s no GUI yet: you’ll have to run it from the command
line. It would be easy to knock out a GUI in Cocoa, and we plan to do
so if the project proves successful.