ADHOC 2005 Call For Papers

Following up on an exciting and successful MacWorld San Francisco, The
Advanced Developers Hands On Conference (ADHOC) is announcing the Call For
Papers for ADHOC 2005/MacHack 20. ADHOC focuses on, but is not limited to,
Macintosh and Unix development issues. Abstracts for papers must be
received by February 28, 2005 by the conference papers committee for

Have you done interesting work you would like to tell others about? Many
new things are happening in the world of computing, from low cost
supercomputing to new OS releases. New programming languages and tools are
always showing up and need good discussion. New or expanded techniques used
in code development can be shared and expanded on for the good of the
software community.

Possible topics for this year’s ADHOC include:

* New development in Apple’s Tiger version of Mac OS X. (Slated to
ship before ADHOC.)
* Game and video techniques
* Cross-platform development
* AltiVec (aka Velocity Engine)
* Code profiling and optimization
* Scripting languages
* Power tools for power programmers

Why should you write a paper?

Paper authors do not pay the conference registration fee (US$575). You must
give a presentation of your paper during the conference, which enables
everyone to realize just how cool your topic really is. Copies of the
papers are included on the conference CD.

Papers usually range from 2000 to 4000 words or 8-15 pages in length. Once
your abstract is accepted, we will provide you with a document template for
formatting your paper. Since the ADHOC audience is technically oriented,
pure marketing topics or content are unlikely to be well received. Paper
acceptance is at the sole discretion of the papers committee, not all
submissions of acceptable topics will be accepted for publication and
presentation at the conference.

Contact the papers committee at and check
the ADHOC Conference website for papers from previous years at

This year’s conference happens from July 27th through July 31st. If you or your
department/organization/company are interested in sponsoring certain parts of
the conference, please mail and find out how
an investment could pay off handsomely.